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ShipEngine Connect

This is the official development toolkit for building ShipEngine Connect apps.

About ShipEngine Connect

ShipEngine Connect powers the world's leading e-commerce solutions, including ShipStation, ShipEngine, ShippingEasy, and ShipWorks. ShipEngine Connect enables developers to integrate with all of these brands at once.

Whether you are a shipping carrier, an online marketplace, or another service provider, ShipEngine Connect makes it easy for you to make your services available within each of our world class e-commerce solutions and gain immediate access to a worldwide user base eager to take advantage or your services.


You can install the ShipEngine Connect developer tooling via npm.

npm install --global @shipengine/connect


Visit our documentation website to learn how to build an app for ShipEngine Connect. You can also look at these sample apps, which demonstrate various features of the platform, as well as different possible ways to build and structure apps.

ShipEngine Connect development host

This package provides a web server to make it easy to exercise your Connect app functions through HTTP requests.

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