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    ShapeDiver Platform SDK

    ShapeDiver is a cloud platform that provides the right tools and scalable infrastructure to help you transform your Grasshopper files into online applications. It allows you to share the power of Grasshopper and Parametric Design with partners, clients and other key stakeholders wherever they are.

    The ShapeDiver Platform SDK allows to access the functionality of the ShapeDiver Platform (or white labelled instances of it) by means of the ShapeDiver Platform API. The SDK exposes all TypeScript-types describing request and response objects.

    The authentication system is based on JWT tokens, which the SDK allows you to request from the ShapeDiver Platform using the OAuth 2.0 functionality integrated with the ShapeDiver Platform API.


    • Add npm package:

      npm i @shapediver/sdk.platform-api-sdk-v1
    • Import constructor function:

      import { create } from '@shapediver/sdk.platform-api-sdk-v1';
    • Create and authorize client:

      const client = create({clientId: "CLIENT_ID", baseUrl: "SHAPEDIVER_PLATFORM_API_ENDPOINT"});
      await client.authorization.passwordGrant("USERNAME OR ACCESS KEY ID", "PASSWORD OR ACCESS KEY SECRET");

    Whenever possible do not use your username and password for usage of the SDK. Instead log in to the ShapeDiver Platform and create an access key pair, consisting of an

    • access key id (to be used instead of your username), and an
    • access key secret (to be used instead of your password).

    Using access keys allows you to keep your application secure, because access keys

    • can be limited in scope (e.g. they can be limited to be read only)
    • can easily be revoked at any time
    • can be time limited.


    We take care to provide backwards compatibility for older versions of the SDK and the API, but might introduce breaking changes in case of major version upgrades. New features of the SDK might be limited to newer versions of the API. We recommend always using the newest SDK version out there.


    If you have further questions, reach out to us.

    Find out more about ShapeDiver right here!


    The ShapeDiver Platform SDK is released under the MIT License.


    npm i @shapediver/sdk.platform-api-sdk-v1

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