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Seneca Vercel-Provider

Seneca Vercel-Provider is a plugin for Seneca

Provides access to the Vercel API using the Seneca provider convention. Vercel API entities are represented as Seneca entities so that they can be accessed using the Seneca entity API and messages.

See seneca-entity and the Seneca Data Entities Tutorial for more details on the Seneca entity API.

NOTE: underlying third party SDK needs to be replaced as out of date and has a security issue.

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Quick Example

// Setup - get the key value (<SECRET>) separately from a vault or
// environment variable.
  // Get API keys using the seneca-env plugin
  .use('env', {
    var: {
      $VERCEL_USERTOKEN: String,
  .use('provider', {
    provider: {
      vercel: {
        keys: {
          usertoken: { value: '$VERCEL_USERTOKEN' },

let board = await seneca.entity('provider/vercel/board')

Console.log('BOARD', board)

board.desc = 'New description'
board = await board.save$()

Console.log('UPDATED BOARD', board)


$ npm install @seneca/vercel-provider @seneca/env


  • debug : boolean false

Set plugin options when loading with:

seneca.use('VercelProvider', { name: value, ... })

Note: foo.bar in the list above means { foo: { bar: ... } }

Action Patterns

Action Descriptions

« role:entity,base:vercel,cmd:list,name:repo,zone:provider »

List Vercel repository data into an entity.

« role:entity,base:vercel,cmd:load,name:repo,zone:provider »

Load Vercel repository data into an entity.

« role:entity,base:vercel,cmd:save,name:repo,zone:provider »

Update Vercel repository data from an entity.

« sys:provider,get:info,provider:vercel »

Get information about the provider.

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