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About Ext JS

Ext JS is a comprehensive and secure JavaScript framework with a powerful library of over 140 enterprise-grade UI components such as Data Grids, Pivot Grids, Trees, Charts, D3 Visualizations, Forms, Calendars, Buttons, Menus and many more. Ext JS feature-rich components are pre-built and tested and work across browsers and platforms. Packed with all the features you ever need, with Ext JS you’ll never have to go out of the framework to create and deploy stunning web and mobile applications.

Ext JS 30-day Free Trial

The limited, 30-day free trial offers full access to the Ext JS framework, components and tools. Try it out and see why it’s the most comprehensive framework and component suite out there!

Installation and Usage

The Ext JS app generator CLI tool @sencha/ext-gen is used to generate Ext JS applications.


npm install -g @sencha/ext-gen

Generate Quick Start

ext-gen app -a

Open and explore your new app

cd ./my-app
npm start


ext-gen --help

Next Steps

Explore the Getting Started with NPM Guide

Ext JS Data Grid Benchmarks

Ext JS Data Grid is over 300x faster than most leading Grid vendors. Take a look at the benchmark metrics and results to see how Ext JS Grid outperforms ag-grid, KendoUI, Grapecity and Syncfusion data grids.

Guides and Helpful Resources

Ext JS has extensive documentation and getting started guides.


Check out our resources page to get quick access to videos, tutorials, webinars and more.

Additional Resources

More about the Ext JS 30-Day Trial

Interested in trying out the additional tools included in your trial?

Fill out the zip trial form to get the zip downloads of add-on premium components:

  • D3 Adapter
  • Pivot Grid
  • Calendar
  • Exporter

Other design tools:

  • Themer
  • Architect
  • ExtGen
  • ExtBuild
  • JetBrains
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse IDE Plugins
  • Visual Studio Code Plugin
  • Stencils
  • Inspector

The Ext JS Trial version is valid for 30-days. If you need any help with the product trial contact us. Ready to use the product for your commercial project? Check out the product pricing and licensing details.


Sencha Ext JS - JavaScript Library Copyright (c) 2006-2020, Sencha Inc. All rights reserved. licensing@sencha.com

options: http://www.sencha.com/license license: http://www.sencha.com/legal/sencha-software-license-agreement

Evaluation/Trial License

This version of Sencha Ext JS is licensed commercially for a limited period for evaluation purposes only. Production use or use beyond the applicable evaluation period is prohibited under this license. See http://www.sencha.com/legal/sencha-sdk-software-license-agreement (Trial License) for license terms.

See the included license.txt in the package for additional information.

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