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A library for Sei written in Typescript.


yarn add @sei-js/core

# or

npm install @sei-js/core

Getting Started

Connecting to a wallet

In order to interact with a Sei node, you'll need a wallet to sign transactions. The wallet extensions that are currently supported can be found in SUPPORTED_WALLETS.

import { connect, SUPPORTED_WALLETS } from '@sei-js/core';

// Connecting to a Keplr wallet
const { connectedWallet, offlineSigner } = await connect('keplr', 'atlantic-2');


LCD Query Client

The LCD query client can be used to query data via REST endpoints.

import { getQueryClient } from '@sei-js/core';

const queryClient = await getQueryClient(REST_URL);
// Getting the market summary from the Sei dex module
// Getting user balances from the Cosmos bank module{ address });

Signing Client

The signing client can be used to create, sign, and broadcast transactions.

import { getSigningClient } from '@sei-js/core';

const client = await getSigningClient({
  signer, // OfflineSigner

CosmWasmClient and SigningCosmWasmClient

The SeiSigningCosmWasmClient and SeiCosmWasmClient can be used to interact with CosmWasm smart contracts. Typically, you need the SeiSigningCosmWasmClient to execute contract messages and the SeiCosmWasmClient to query contract state, though contract states can also be queried using the signing client.

import { getSigningCosmWasmClient, getCosmWasmClient, connect } from '@sei-js/core';

const cosmWasmClient = await getCosmWasmClient(RPC_URL);

const { offlineSigner } = await connect('keplr', 'atlantic-2');
const signingCosmWasmClient = await getSigningCosmWasmClient(RPC_URL, offlineSigner);

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