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A fast, simple, and powerful open-source utility tool for generating strong, unique, and random passwords. The Password Generator supports various types of passwords including base64-encoded, memorable, and complex strong passwords. It is designed to be a versatile tool for both personal and enterprise needs, ensuring that all users have access to high-security password options. Password Generator is free to use as a secure password generator on any computer, phone, or tablet.

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  • Base64 Passwords: Generate passwords with base64 encoding for a balance of security and usability.
  • Memorable Passwords: Create passwords using a combination of memorable words, making them easier to remember while maintaining security.
  • Strong Passwords: Produce highly secure passwords with customizable length and complexity to meet the highest security standards.
  • Customizable Options: Specify password length, complexity, and word separators to tailor your password to your security needs.
  • CLI Support: Use the Password Generator directly from your terminal for quick and easy access.
  • Secure: Built with security as a priority, using cryptographic functions to ensure password strength.


From NPM or YARN

To install the Password Generator Tool, use either npm or yarn as follows:

  • npm i @sebastienrousseau/password-generator
  • yarn add @sebastienrousseau/password-generator

From GitHub

Clone the main repository to get all source files including build scripts: git clone https://github.com/sebastienrousseau/password-generator.git

What's included

Within the download you'll find all the password generator source files grouped into the dist folder.

You'll see something like this:

├── Makefile
├── README.md
├── Report.txt
├── index.js
├── package.json
└── src
    ├── dictionaries
    │   ├── adjectives.json
    │   ├── adverbs.json
    │   ├── animals.json
    │   ├── cars.json
    │   ├── cities.json
    │   ├── common.json
    │   ├── countries.json
    │   ├── dinosaurs.json
    │   ├── emoji.json
    │   ├── encouraging.json
    │   ├── ergative.json
    │   ├── fruits.json
    │   ├── gemstones.json
    │   ├── hazards.json
    │   ├── instruments.json
    │   ├── lovecraft.json
    │   ├── metals.json
    │   ├── music.json
    │   ├── nouns.json
    │   ├── prepositions.json
    │   ├── shakespeare.json
    │   ├── sports.json
    │   ├── strange.json
    │   ├── vegetables.json
    │   └── winds.json
    ├── lib
    │   ├── base64-password.js
    │   ├── memorable-password.js
    │   └── strong-password.js
    └── utils
        ├── README.md
        ├── randomConsonant.js
        ├── randomNumber.js
        ├── randomSyllable.js
        ├── randomVowel.js
        ├── toCamelCase
        │   ├── README.md
        │   └── toCamelCase.js
        ├── toCharArray
        │   ├── README.md
        │   └── toCharArray.js
        ├── toKebabCase
        │   ├── README.md
        │   └── toKebabCase.js
        ├── toSnakeCase
        │   ├── README.md
        │   └── toSnakeCase.js
        └── toTitleCase
            ├── README.md
            └── toTitleCase.js

9 directories, 50 files


To generate a password, you can call the Password Generator with the desired type and options. Below are examples of how to generate each type of password:

From the CLI

node .

Displays the following help menu

Usage: password-generator [options]

A fast, simple and powerful open-source utility tool for generating strong, unique and random passwords

  -v, --version              output the current version
  -t, --type <type>          specify a password type (default: "base64, memorable or strong")
  -l, --length <numbers>     specify a length for each iteration
  -i, --iteration <numbers>  specify a number of iteration
  -s, --separator <char>     specify a character for the separator
  -h, --help                 display help for command

From Node.js

var generatePassword = require('password-generator');

From the Browser

<script src="<https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sebastienrousseau/password-generator/master/src/bin/password-generator.js>" type="text/javascript"></script>

Password options

Base64 password

Generating a random base64 password using yarn

yarn start -t base64 -l 8 -i 4 -s -

Generating a random base64 password using node

node . -t base64 -l 8 -i 4 -s -

Generating a random base64 password calling the base64Password function

node dist/src/lib/base64-password.js -t base64 -l 8 -i 4 -s -

Strong password

Generating a random strong password using yarn

yarn start -t strong -l 8 -i 4 -s -

Generating a random strong password using node

node . -t strong -l 8 -i 4 -s -

Generating a random strong password calling the strongPassword function

node dist/src/lib/strong-password.js -t base64 -l 8 -i 4 -s -

Memorable password

Generating a random memorable password using yarn

yarn start -t memorable -i 4 -s -

Generating a random memorable password using node

node . -t memorable -i 4 -s -

Generating a random memorable password calling the memorablePassword function

node dist/src/lib/memorable-password.js -t base64  -i 4 -s -

Semantic Versioning Policy

For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, password-generator follows semantic versioning and ESLint's Semantic Versioning Policy.



Please read carefully through our Contributing Guidelines for further details on the process for submitting pull requests to us.

Development Tools

  • yarn build runs build.
  • yarn clean removes the coverage result of npm test command.
  • yarn coverage shows the coverage result of npm test command.
  • yarn lint run ESLint.
  • yarn lint-fix instructs ESLint to try to fix as many issues as possible..
  • yarn test runs tests and measures coverage.


We are committed to preserving and fostering a diverse, welcoming community. Please read our Code of Conduct.

Our Values

  • We believe perfection must consider everything.
  • We take our passion beyond code into our daily practices.
  • We are just obsessed about creating and delivering exceptional solutions.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


The Password Generator Tool is beautifully crafted by these people and a bunch of awesome contributors

Sebastien Rousseau
Sebastien Rousseau

Made with ❤ in London.

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