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Snap Profiler

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A utility for recording how long something takes to complete. Profiler is used in finding API response, component rendering and Middleware execution times.


Snap Profiler is a dependency of @searchspring/snap-controller NPM Status


npm install --save @searchspring/snap-profiler


import { Profiler } from '@searchspring/snap-profiler';


An optional `namespace` can be passed to the Profiler constructor for profile organization.
import { Profiler } from '@searchspring/snap-profiler';

const profiler = new Profiler('namespace');

setNamespace method

Programatically set the namespace after construction.

import { Profiler } from '@searchspring/snap-profiler';

const profiler = new Profiler();


create method

Create a new profile.

import { Profiler } from '@searchspring/snap-profiler';

const profiler = new Profiler();

const searchProfile = profiler.create({ 
	type: 'event', 
	name: 'search', 
	context: params
}: ProfileDetails);
type ProfileDetails<T> = { 
	type: string; 
	name: string; 
	context: T;

Returns an instance of Profile.


Profile is not an exported member of the Snap Profiler package. It is only returned in the Profiler create method.

start method

This will start the profiler timer.


stop method

This will stop the profiler timer.


namespace property

Profile namespace that was set using the Profiler constructor or the setNamespace method.

console.log(`namespace: ${searchProfile.namespace}`);

type property

Profile type that was set in the create method ProfileDetails parameters.

console.log(`type: ${searchProfile.type}`);

name property

Profile name that was set in the create method ProfileDetails parameters.

console.log(`name: ${searchProfile.name}`);

context property

Profile context that was set in the create method ProfileDetails parameters. The context is used to provide additional details regarding the profile. A search profile would likely contain the request parameters amoung other things.

console.log(`context: ${searchProfile.context}`);

status property

Profile status. The default value is pending.

The value will change to started when the start method is invoked and to finished when the stop method is invoked.

console.log(`context: ${searchProfile.status}`);

time property

Profile time object is of type ProfileTime:

type ProfileTime = {
	date: number;
	begin: number;
	end: number;
	run: number;

ProfileTime.date - set to Date.now() when start method is invoked.

ProfileTime.begin - set to window.performance.now() when start method is invoked.

ProfileTime.end - set to window.performance.now() when stop method is invoked.

ProfileTime.run - set to the total running time in milliseconds between when the start and stop methods have been invoked.

Logging profiles

It is recommended to using the Snap Logger's profile method to log Snap Profiles as it provides a clean output for easy parsing.




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