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    Finite state machine.


    $ npm install @sealsystems/state-machine

    Quick start

    First you need to integrate @sealsystems/state-machine into your application.

    const stateMachine = require('@sealsystems/state-machine');

    Then create your own constructor function or use an empty default one to create a new state machine.

    const ExampleConstructor = function () {
      // do some initialization here
    const MyMachine = stateMachine.extend(ExampleConstructor);

    Add nodes and transitions and set default start node.

    const node = MyMachine.prototype.node('Lasagne');
    node.transition('Garfield', 'NothingLeft', async (node, transition) => {
      console.log('Soon it will be eaten');

    Instaniate machine object and use it.

    const myMachine = new MyMachine();
    await myMachine.transit('Garfield');



    • Constructor optional Constructor function for new state machine

    Extends the given constructor function or an empty default function by mixin Machine specific functions. Returns the Constructor function.


    • nodeName - Name of a new or existing node

    Returns node object of name nodeName. Creates new node if not present.


    • nodeName - Name of initial node. The node has to be added before.

    Set the initial node the machine should start with.


    Returns name of current node, undefined if no initial node is given.


    Returns name of previous node, undefined if no transit occurred.


    Returns object with name of current transition and leaving node. Object structure:

      transition: 'transition name'
      node: node-object

    Machine.preTransition(async preTransitCallback)

    • async preTransitCallback(node, transition, payload, callback) - Transition callback (async). Node is leaving node, transition name is always preTransition

    Sets a async callback which is always called by the machine before any transition is executed.

    Machine.postTransition(async postTransitCallback)

    • async postTransitCallback(node, transition, payload, callback) - Transition callback (async). Node is new entered node, transition name is always postTransition

    Sets a async callback which is always called by the machine after any transition is executed successfully.

    (async) Machine.transit(transitionName [, payload])

    • transitionName - Name of transition to execute.
    • payload optional The runtime data of the transition. If omitted, an empty object will be created.

    Execute a transit (async) and returns the nodeName, which is the name of the new currentNode.


    Returns name of the node.

    Node.transition(transitionName, nextNode, async executeFunction)

    • transitionName - Arbitrary name to identify the transition
    • nextNode - Name of the node after the transit finished successfully
    • async executeFunction(node, transition, payload) - The function to execute the transit. It is called as member function of Machine object.
      • this is the Machine instance.
      • node is the object of the leaving node.
      • transition is the executing transition object.
      • payload is the runtime data object of the transition and is passed to all callbacks from preTransition to postTransition..

    Add a new transition to a node. Returns the node object.


    • transitionName - Name of transiton

    Returns transition object with given name or undefined if transition does not exist.

    Node.leave(async leaveFunction)

    • async leaveFunction(node, transition, payload) - Called before a transit when the node is going to be left. The nodeis the node object to be left, transition is a helper transition with the name leave.

    Set function which is always called when a node is going to be left. Returns the node object.

    Node.enter(async enterFunction)

    • async enterFunction(node, transition, payload) - Called after a transit when the node is already entered. The nodeis the node object entered, transition is a helper transition with the name enter.

    Set function which is always called when the node is entered after a transit. Returns the node object.


    Returns name of the transition.


    Returns name of target node after transit.

    Running the build

    To build this module use roboter.

    $ bot




    npm i @sealsystems/state-machine

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