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    seed (fixtures)

    Library implementing seed data generation for test cases.

    Seed data generation

    Use global switch to enable seed data generation:

    import { config } from '@seagull/seed'
    config.seed = true
    // do your thing
    config.seed = false

    The seed data can be fetched in any mode except pure, as tests within the code pipeline should not call external ressources.

    Configuration hooks

    In case you want to modify the seed creation for a specific case, you can create a specific SeedLocalConfig by creating a TypeScript-file within the seed folder structure:

    import { LocalConfig } from '@seagull/seed'
    export default <LocalConfig<SomeResponse>>{
      hook: (fixture: SomeResponse) => {
        // do something, e.g. slice some arrays within the fixture
        return fixture
      expiresInDays: 14, // fixture will be re-fetched after 14 days

    A configuration file is applied for all subsequent fixtures.


    npm i @seagull/seed

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