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Dita Delivery Web Application GUI

GUI of the SDL Dita Delivery Web Application.


In order to build make sure you have Node.js installed (v6 or higher).

Installing the necessary packages

npm install gulp-cli -g
npm install

Gulp tasks

# Build (debug) 
gulp build
# Build everything and setup a server (debug) 
gulp serve
# Build everything and setup a server (release) 
gulp serve:dist
# Build (release) 
# Test (debug) 
# Default browser is PhantomJS 
gulp serve:test
gulp serve:test --browsers Chrome
gulp serve:test --browsers "Chrome,IE,Firefox,PhantomJS"
# Test (release) 
# Default browser is PhantomJS 
gulp test
gulp test --browsers Chrome
gulp test --browsers "Chrome,IE,Firefox,PhantomJS"
# Measure test coverage 
# Default browser is PhantomJS 
gulp test-coverage
gulp test-coverage --browsers Chrome
gulp test-coverage --browsers "Chrome,IE,Firefox,PhantomJS"

Setting up Visual Studio Code

Preffered IDE for GUI development is Visual Studio Code.

Some extensions you should install (Managing extensions):

  1. TSLint: get linting feedback as you type
  2. Editor Config: adds support for the .editorconfig file
  3. Document this: automatically generates detailed JSDoc comments in TypeScript and javascript files