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Develop, maintain and publish your SUI components.

Sui Studio helps you to develop and document isolated UI components for your projects. It provides:

  • Isolated development of components
  • Unified development platform
  • Productivity improvement focusing of component development experience
  • Live Demos as a base of work (with auto-generated playgrounds)
  • Components discovery catalog generated from live demos and markdown docs.


npm install sui-studio -g

Getting Started

First install sui-studio:

npm i -g @schibstedspain/sui-studio
sui-studio init <project_name>
cd <project_name>

Once you're in the new project, you can execute sui-studio start in order to start the development browser and start working on your components.

Common Workflow

Creating a new component

1) Create a component

$ sui-studio generate house window

2) Install component dependencies

$ sui-studio run-all npm install

3) Commit changes using the appropiate command

First of all, stage you changes for commit with git add or whatever you use.

DO NOT use git commit directly. Instead, use:

$ npm run co

Add the script to your package.json

  "scripts": {
    "co": "sui-studio commit"

It will prompt a question form. The way you answer to this question form affects the way the commit's comment is built. Comments will be used later, after merging to master in order to decide what kind of change (release) is going to be done (minor or major).

Then just push your changes using git push and merge them into master after review.

4) Release

Select master branch. First, check that the release will be properly built by executing:

$ sui-studio check-release

If the output is the expected then run:

$ sui-studio release


$ sui-studio link-all

Executes internally $ sui-mono link, that links all components to each other.

$ sui-studio run-all

Executes internally $ sui-mono run, that executed a command in series on each package folder.

$ sui-studio run-parallel

Executes internally $ sui-mono run-parallel, that executed a command in parallel on each package folder.



lowerCamelCase is the choice for directories and files.



npm i @schibstedspain/sui-studio

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