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THIS PACKAGE IS DEPRECATED. USE INSTEAD @schibstedspain/sui-modal-basic


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The SUI-Modal component renders a smart dialog prompt over your site's content. It supplies some interface methods to meet the minimum required functionality.

Demo page

Check out the demo page.


Render component passing the following params:

  • open: Optional param to show up initially the modal. Defaults to false.
  • centerVertically: Optional param to vertically center the modal. Defaults to false.
  • closeOnOutsideClick: Optional param to close the modal on outside click. Defaults to false.
  • fitWindow: Optional param to make the modal to fit whole browser window. Defaults to false.
  • disableWindowScroll: Optional param to disable scroll on main browser window. Defaults to true.
  • iconClose: Optional icon for the modal close button. Defaults to X icon from SUI SVG Iconset.
  • textClose: Optional text for the modal close button. Defaults to 'Close'.
  • textCloseHidden: Optional param to hide the modal close button text. Defaults to true.
  • header: Optional param to pass the header elements within a required wrapper (DOM element).
  • content: Required param to pass the content elements within a required wrapper (DOM element).
  • footer: Optional param to pass the footer elements within a required wrapper (DOM element).

An example of the sui-modal component implementation is:

// JSX file.
import React from 'react';
import ReactDom from 'react-dom';
import SuiModal from '../src';

class MyModal extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      open: false

  openModal() {
      open: true

  closeModal() {
      open: false

  render() {
    return (
        <button type='button' onClick={this.openModal.bind(this)}>
          Open modal
            <strong>My new brand modal</strong>
              <p>Cras vitae consectetur dui. Nullam quis arcu id ligula rhoncus faucibus et eget odio. Etiam vulputate fringilla nibh sed sodales. Phasellus facilisis dignissim aliquet. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Quisque feugiat vehicula odio at venenatis. Integer rhoncus tortor sed auctor laoreet. Aliquam ac vulputate urna. Suspendisse felis eros, maximus eget urna vitae, pellentesque pretium odio. Duis mi arcu, laoreet sit amet pulvinar ac, congue quis turpis. Cras rutrum leo ac massa malesuada, quis vestibulum lorem convallis. Fusce eget tellus euismod, fringilla nulla ornare, blandit purus. Nam orci lacus, faucibus at nisi id, auctor molestie nunc. Nulla a porta quam. Donec vel iaculis nibh.</p>
              <p>Ut maximus fermentum mollis. Phasellus tincidunt nunc sem, eu efficitur nunc porta ut. Suspendisse aliquam odio ex, in facilisis turpis dictum quis. Morbi a venenatis ante, at imperdiet neque. Nullam eu risus dignissim, semper nunc in, sodales nibh. Sed tempus sapien id libero vulputate, at vestibulum tellus tempor. Aenean ornare massa et semper porta.</p>

  <MyModal />,


Clone this repository and run:

$ npm install

Start working in development mode:

$ npm run dev

This command will build your .sass, .jsx and .js files and open a local development environment, with hot reloading. A browser window will be opened as well, showing the entry point of your documents folder for development purposes.

To work in TDD mode:

$ npm run test:watch

To run unit tests only once:

$ npm test

To publish yours docs page:

$ npm run doc

That will publish in a gh-page for docs folder. What is a component without a public demo, isn't it ?!




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