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React component that shows a list of suggestions under an input file when you start to write something. It's based on the container component design ( more info ).

Demo page

  • Checkout a Sui-Autocompleted component demo here.
  • Clone the repo and open index.html file inside docs folder


import 'babel/polyfill';
import React from 'react';
import ReactDom from 'react-dom';
import AutocompletedContainer from './autocompleted-container';
import AutocompletedGithubUserContainer from './autocompleted-githubUsers-container';
import AutocompletedComponentContainer from './autocompleted-component-container';
import './style.scss';
import '../src/index.scss';

ReactDom.render(<AutocompletedContainer />, document.getElementById('languages'));
ReactDom.render(<AutocompletedGithubUserContainer />, document.getElementById('github-users'));
ReactDom.render(<AutocompletedComponentContainer />, document.getElementById('component-container'));

Component Properties

The component exposes the following props:

  • placeholder (String): Optional Default text value for the input file when no key is pressed (placeholder value).

  • suggests (Array): Required Array of SuggestionObjects. Te array contains the suggestions to show. If you don't want to show anything you have to send an empty array.

  • handleChange (Function): Required This function is called everytime user change the input field value.

     	const handleChange = function( inputFileValue ){ ... }
  • handleSelect (Function): Required This function is called when one suggestion is selected (via click or enter pressed).

     	const handleSelect = function( suggestionValue ){ ... }
  • handleBlur (Function): This function is called everytime user exits the input.

  • handleFocus (Function): This function is called everytime user focus on the input.

  • selectFirstByDefault (Boolean): Optional It sets first position for the autocomplete default active option. Defaults to true.

  • focus (Boolean): Optional It trigger focus in the input. Defaults to false.

and then you have to create containers which one setting that properties in the sui-autocompleted component. You can view an example of this kind of container in the doc folder.


An SuggestObject is a plain JS Object with these specials keys:

    'id': [Unique id for the suggestion],
    'value': [value to be passed to the handleSelect callback function]
    'content': [React Component] or [Text to be show in the UI]
    'literal': [String] This key is REQUIRED only if you are using a ReactJS Component like a content. It is used to decide which text has to be put in the input text when this suggestion is selected, in other case content will be used,


There are several classes in order to apply a theme to the component:

  • sui-autocompleted
  • sui-autocompleted-input
  • sui-autocompleted-clear
  • sui-autocompleted-results
  • sui-autocompleted-item
  • sui-autocompleted-item--active

The component exports a basic CSS that you can include from the package in the node_modules.


To run the component and play with the examples you have to:

Download files from GitHub repo.

  • $ git clone https://github.com/scm-spain/sui-autocompleted
  • $ cd sui-autocompleted

Install dependencies.

  • $ npm install // Install npm dependencies from package.json

Launch the development environment.

  • $ npm run dev // Run development environment
  • Go to localhost:8080


In order to generate the bundle including all React dependencies and the component logic we need to bundle a single JS file running the following command:

$ npm run build

JS Testing

Execute a complete test by running:

There are two options for executing tests:

* Single mode: `$ npm test`
* Watch mode: `$ npm run test:watch`

## Lint Testing

In addition, you can run specific test for linting JS and SASS: SASS: (SASS linting rules specified in file .scss-lint.yml)

$ npm run lint:sass


The SUI-Autocompleted component is available as a NPM package here:

npm install @schibstedspain/sui-autocompleted`

Environment Dependencies

To run the lint tasks we have dependencies of:

If that tools are not installed you cant commit. Because the lint pass never will be ok.




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