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    Support scripts for ngX-Rocket projects.

    In order to simplify the workflow of applications generated with ngX-Rocket generator, we made this repo to gather all additional scripts and build tools.

    Since this module is an independant package, you can even use for projects not built from ngX-Rocket if you find it useful.


    npm install --save @ngx-rocket/scripts


    This modules provides CLI commands to be used in NPM scripts, along with some Cordova hooks (see hooks folder).

    Export environment variables to a JSON or JavaScript file

    ngx-scripts env <env_var> [<env_var2> ...] [--out <file>] [--format json|js] [--parseJson]

    Default output file is src/environments/.env.ts with JavaScript format.

    Execute Cordova commands

    ngx-scripts cordova <command> [options] [-- <cordova_options>]

    Unless the --fast option is provided, the Angular app is rebuilt before executing the command, using npm run build. Any accepted Cordova option can be passed through after --.


    • --app: The name of the Angular app to build. Only useful if you have a workspace with multiples apps.
    • --fast: Skip Angular app rebuild
    • --base-href <ref>: Change application base URL (default is ./)
    • --copy <path>: Copy built apps to the specified path (only works with cordova build)
    • --dev: Build Angular app in dev mode (default is prod)
    • -c, --configuration <name>: Target Angular CLI configuration for npm run build
    • --device: Deploy Cordova build to a device
    • --emulate: Deploy Cordova build to an emulator
    • --debug: Create a Cordova debug build
    • --release: Create a Cordova release build
    • --verbose: Show Cordova debug output
    • --yarn: Use Yarn instead of NPM to run the build script
    • --parseJson: During env, if an environment variable's value is parsable JSON, it will be a proper object in .env.ts

    Note: Yarn is automatically used instead of NPM is the environment variable NGX_PACKAGE_MANAGER is set to yarn or if the current project was generated with ngX-Rocket using Yarn option (option is saved in .yo-rc.json).


    ngx-scripts cordova prepare
    ngx-scripts cordova run ios --dev --debug --emulate
    ngx-scripts cordova build ios --configuration production --device --release -- --developmentTeam="ABCD" --provisioningProfile="UUID"

    Clean Cordova (platforms, plugins) and dist folders

    clean [--cordova] [--dist] [--path <path>]


    • --cordova: Remove only Cordova folders
    • --dist: Remove only dist folder
    • --path <path>: Remove only specified path




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