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CLI for dynamically configuring saucectl via playwright config files.

This project is a proof of concept and as such does not represent a fully finished product.

Do NOT use this in production.

All the warnings out of the way, how does it work? saucewright inspects your local playwright.config.js/ts file and generates a config.yml file that saucectl understands, which it then invokes with. All this happens in one step.

This is very convenient for running adhoc tests, especially where saucectl is not yet configured. The general idea is that saucewright mimics (in terms of flags/args) the playwright CLI almost 1:1, so that the user has the least amount of friction getting started with playwright on Sauce Labs.

We are actively looking for feedback and would love to hear from you!


This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of what's still missing/possible.

  • [ ] Allow user to select the playwright version (currently set to 1.27.1)
  • [ ] Allow user to select the platform (mac/win) (defaults to Windows 10)
  • [ ] Add support for the other CLI native flags (run npx saucewright test -h to see what's implemented)
  • [ ] Add support for browser == 'all'


  • Node.js 16+
  • Sauce Labs Account
  • saucectl
  • playwright


Usage: saucewright test [options] [test-filter...]

  test-filter                  Pass arguments to filter test files. Each argument is treated as a regular expression.

  --browser <browser>          Browser to use for tests, one of "all", "chromium", "firefox" or "webkit" (default: "chromium").
  --headed                     Run tests in headed browsers (default: headless).
  -g, --grep <grep>            Only run tests matching this regular expression (default: ".*").
  -gv, --grep-invert <grep>    Only run tests that do not match this regular expression.
  --project <project-name...>  Only run tests from the specified list of projects (default: run all projects).
  -h, --help                   display help for command

Setup Playwright Project

Execute the following commands in your playwright project.

Install saucewright

npm i @saucelabs/saucewright

Install saucectl

Since saucewright requires saucectl:

npm i -g saucectl

Run Tests

npx saucewright test




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