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    Application to manange clientids. The application runs as a cli. It can be run in interactive mode or in batch mode. The user of this app must have admin rights.

    Quick start

    The simplest way to use this cli is as follows:

    npx @sassoftware/registerclient --host <your viya server url>  

    On the prompt enter, enter logon command.

    This will put you into an interactive session where you can issue commands. Use the exit command to end the session.

    Batch mode

    This mode is useful when you want to run these commands as part of some process. I use them to setup all my clientids when I am configuring a new server

    Create a version of the .env file with two additional keys - USER and PASSWORD

    VIYA_SERVER=http://<your viyaserver>
    AUTHTYPE=password or a valid clientid( appears that is shipped as a default clientid)

    Run the following command

    npx @sassoftware/registerclient --env your-envfile --file yourcmdfile

    The cmd file is a list of the commands(see below). They are executed in order.

    add app1 -t implicit -r http://localhost:5000/app1
    add app2 -t authorization_code -s mysecret -r http://localhost:5000/callback

    List of commands

    • logon - logon on to Viya server
    • list <all> - list current clientid. Use all option to include system clientids
    • delete clientid - delete the specified clientid( always returns 404 but work - no idea why)
    • add clientid < options > - add a new clientid
    • details clientid - print details of selected clientid

    Options for the add command

    • -t == grant type == typically one of these: password | implicit | authorization_code)
    • -s == secret whatever you want(valid for password and authorization_code)
    • -r == redirect_uri == valid for implicit and authorization_code(if multiple redirects seperate them by comma(,))


    The current configuration for all clientids is shown below:

    scope: ['openid', '*'],
    resource_ids: 'none',
    autoapprove: true,
    access_token_validity: 86400,
    'use-session': true


    npm i @sassoftware/registerclient

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