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Time utilities for JavaScript.

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Working with Time and Duration can be a huge chore in any programming language. There are various time parsing libraries on the NPM registry but we are of the opinion that none of them meet the code quality that we desire to use. For this reason we have decided to make this package.

Note that this package only re-exports everything from the four packages @sapphire/cron, @sapphire/duration, @sapphire/timer-manager, and @sapphire/timestamp. Those packages should be cited individually for documentation and can be installed by themselves if you only need a subset of the functionality.


  • Written in TypeScript
  • Bundled with esbuild so it can be used in NodeJS and browsers
  • Offers CommonJS, ESM and UMD bundles
  • Fully tested


You can use the following command to install this package, or replace npm install with your package manager of choice.

npm install @sapphire/time-utilities

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