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Tiny wrapper around Node's global fetch for improved TypeScript and data type support

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Node has a great global fetch (powered by undici) for making API calls, but because it focuses solely on bringing the Fetch API to Node.js, it doesn't provide specific error messages and handling for different return types (JSON, Buffer, plain text, etc). This is where @sapphire/fetch comes in. The syntax is more restrictive than that of undici, but that makes it consistent and easier to use in TypeScript.


  • Written in TypeScript
  • Fully tested
  • Exported enum for the common return data types
  • Throws distinctive errors when the API returns a "not ok" status code to make them easier to understand
  • Enforces casting the return type when requesting JSON data, to ensure your return data is strictly typed
  • Uses global fetch, which for NodeJS is undici and for browsers is the Fetch API


You can use the following command to install this package, or replace npm install with your package manager of choice.

npm install @sapphire/fetch


Note: While this section uses import, it maps 1:1 with CommonJS' require syntax. For example, import { fetch } from '@sapphire/fetch' is the same as const { fetch } = require('@sapphire/fetch').

Note: fetch can also be imported as a default import: import fetch from '@sapphire/fetch'.

GETting JSON data

// Import the fetch function
import { fetch, FetchResultTypes } from '@sapphire/fetch';

interface JsonPlaceholderResponse {
	userId: number;
	id: number;
	title: string;
	completed: boolean;

// Fetch the data. No need to call `.json()` after making the request!
const data = await fetch<JsonPlaceholderResponse>('https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/1', FetchResultTypes.JSON);

// Do something with the data

GETting Buffer data (images, etc.)

// Import the fetch function
import { fetch, FetchResultTypes } from '@sapphire/fetch';

// Fetch the data. No need to call `.buffer()` after making the request!
const sapphireLogo = await fetch('https://github.com/sapphiredev.png', FetchResultTypes.Buffer);

// sapphireLogo is the `Buffer` of the image

POSTing JSON data

// Import the fetch function
import { fetch, FetchResultTypes, FetchMethods } from '@sapphire/fetch';

// Post the data. No need to call `.json()` after making the request!
const responseData = await fetch(
		method: FetchMethods.Post,
		headers: {
			'Content-Type': 'application/json'
		body: JSON.stringify({
			name: 'John Doe'

// Do something with the response data

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