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    San Exporter

    A small library which allows to push data to Santiment data processing pipelines.


    You can install the library by adding it to your package.json with npm:

    $ npm install --save https://github.com/santiment/san-exporter

    If you are on OS X you might need to set some additional ENV variables for the compilation to pass: https://github.com/Blizzard/node-rdkafka#mac-os-high-sierra

    Writing exporters

    When writing data exporter you need to make sure the following things:

    • All the logging should be on the stdout. Do not create any temp files, as they will most probably disappear in an event of a restart
    • All the config should come from ENV variables
    • An exporter should continue from where it was interrupted in case of a restart. You can save the current position using the savePosition(position) API.
    • Encode the data as JSON

    See examples/send_dates.js for an example how to build an exporter that sends the current date every 10 sec. You can run the example with docker-compose:

    $ docker-compose up --build

    This is going to ensure that all dependent services are created.


    • connect - establish connection to the dependent services. Returns a Promise
    • getLastPosition - fetch the last saved position. Returns a Promise
    • savePosition - update the last position of the exporter. Returns a Promise
    • sendData - push an array of events. Returns a Promise

    Getting Help

    If you have an idea for a specific data source, which you would like to export and include in the Santiment platform, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord: https://santiment.net/discord

    We are willing to reward developers that contribute data feed to our platform. For more details around the rewards, ping us on Discord.


    npm i @santiment-network/san-exporter

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