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    Studio hints

    Helpful stuff appears! In the sidecar!

    This plugin is an implementation of part:@sanity/default-layout/sidecar. As such, it exports the three things it is required to:

    • SidecarToggleButton React component: The button which will appear in the Navbar to toggle on/off the Sidecar
    • SidecarLayout React component: The content of the Sidecar (once it appears)
    • isSidecarEnabled Function. Call this to check if the Sidecar implementation is happy and good to go (typically, the sidecar impl. wants to verify if config is present)

    Want Studio hints to appear in a running Studio?

    1. Install the studio-hints plugin

    sanity install @sanity/studio-hints

    2. Implement part:@sanity/default-layout/studio-hints-config

    Add this to the parts array in the sanity.json file:

      "implements": "part:@sanity/default-layout/studio-hints-config",
      "path": "studioHintsConfig.js"

    Create the file:

    touch studioHintsConfig.js

    Edit that file to specify which hints package the studio-hints plugin will use:

    export default {
      templateRepoId: 'sanity-io/sanity-template-gatsby-blog'


    npm i @sanity/studio-hints

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