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The following is a sub-package of sanity-codegen.

This is the very small runtime dependency required to use Sanity Codegen with GROQ. It's a client carefully coordinated with the GROQ codegen parser/extractor.


# NOTE: the alpha is required at this time
npm i --save @sanity-codegen/client@alpha


# NOTE: the alpha is required at this time
yarn add @sanity-codegen/client@alpha


In order to correctly configure the @sanity-codegen/client, you first need to have the GROQ codegen types accessible.

This can be achieved via the CLI. By the default, the CLI will output GROQ codegen types to the file queries.d.ts. This file contains global ambient types that should be referenceable everywhere. Generate this file first.

Configure the client

After that's done, you can create your configured client file.

In a file called, client.ts, import your favorite Sanity client (both @sanity/client and picosanity will work).

// client.ts

import PicoSanity from 'picosanity'; // can be replaced with `@sanity/client`
import { wrapClient, groq } from '@sanity-codegen/client';

// 1. configure your favorite sanity client
const picoSanity = new PicoSanity({
  // ...
  // see here: https://github.com/rexxars/picosanity#usage
  // ...

// 2. wrap that client with `wrapClient`. this will return a configure function
const configureClient = wrapClient(picoSanity);

// 3. call this configure function passing in the type argument
//    `Sanity.Queries.QueryMap` from the GROQ codegen output.
const sanity = configureClient<Sanity.Queries.QueryMap>();

export { sanity, groq };

Using the typed client

// some-example.ts

// 1. import the client configured from the previous step
import { sanity, groq } from '../client';

export async function someFunction() {
  // 1. use the added `query` method.
  //    pass in a _query key_ followed by a template
  //    literal with the `groq` tag
  const bookAuthors = await sanity.query(
      *[_type == 'books'].author

  // 2. ensure the codegen re-runs.
  //    this is easiest via the CLI

  // 3. that's it. `bookAuthors` is now typed
  return bookAuthors;

// Extra note: if ever need to reference the type of a query again,
// you can do so via `Sanity.Queries.{QueryKey}`
type ExampleType = Sanity.Queries.BookAuthors;

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