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Chapbook, a story format for Twine 2

by Chris Klimas

Chapbook is a story format for Twine 2, which means that it plays stories created in Twine in a web browser. It is now part of the official Twine 2 distribution, but you may also use it from this URL:


There is also a micro build of Chapbook that strips out all debugging-related code, saving around 20 kilobytes of JavaScript, that is not packaged with Twine 2. To use that version, add this story format:


Chapbook is released under the MIT license. It can be used to create commercial works without royalty payment or other arrangement.

  • Learn about Chapbook

    The guide is a gentle introduction to creating with Chapbook. Start here if you'd like to start creating with Chapbook.

  • Cloak of Darkness, a sample story

    Want a quick look at the output Chapbook produces, or the way you write a code for it? Take a look at the story and its Twee source code. If you've never used Twee before, it's a compact text-only format for Twine stories. The main thing to keep in mind is that each line beginning with :: describes a new passage.

  • Report a bug or suggest a feature

    Please take a look at the contributing guidelines before opening an issue.

  • Support Chapbook development

    Become a Patreon backer to gain access to devlogs and other benefits.



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