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    Salling Group Pagination Traverser

    Traverser helps you paginate through Salling Group API resources (e.g. the Stores API serves stores in pages). It relies on a Link header in responses and will throw an error if none is present. Traverser class is required like this:

    const Traverser = require('@salling-group/pagination-traverser');

    The class is instantiated like this:

    const traverser = new Traverser(instance, '/v1/stores/', {
      'params': {
        'brand': 'netto',

    The parameters for the initialization is:

    Parameter Required Type Description
    instance Yes Axios instance An authenticated Axios instance (see NPM module @salling-group/auth).
    resource Yes String The resource to traverse.
    baseOptions No Object Axios options to apply to the requests.

    The Traverser class has the following methods:

    Method Description
    async get() Get the current page.
    async next() Move the traverser to the next page and get it.
    async previous() Move the traverser to the previous page and get it.
    async first() Move the traverser to the first page and get it.
    async last() Move the traverser to the last page and get it.
    async goto(page) Move the traverser to the given page and get it.
    pageNumber() Get the page that the traverser is on.

    Example: Paginate response from Stores API

    const Traverser = require('@salling-group/pagination-traverser');
    const { createInstance } = require('@salling-group/auth');
    const instance = createInstance({
      'auth': {
        'issuer': 'my_issuer',
        'secret': 'my_secret',
        'type': 'jwt',
    const traverser = new Traverser(instance, '/v1/stores/');
    traverser.get().then((firstPage) => {
      console.log(firstPage); => {




    npm i @salling-group/pagination-traverser

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