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Bringing You the Power of Salla to Your Terminal.
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Table of Contents
  1. Overview
  2. Getting Started
  3. Create Appliaction
  • Auth
  • Link
  • Delete
  • Upgrade
  • Contributing
  • Support
  • Security
  • Credits
  • License
  • Overview

    The Salla Command Line Interface (Salla CLI) is your way to create your starter Salla Apps which works with the Salla APIs. Your App later can be published to the Salla App Store and be available for installation to any of Salla Merchants Stores.

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    Getting Started

    The Salla CLI is available via npm and is packaged to be used globally so you can access it everywhere.

    Salla CLI comes with an easy to use, straight-forward commands that does the complete setup to your Salla App. To be ready, you will need some prerequisites which will be listed hereafter.

    What can you use Salla CLI for?



    To install Salla CLI, run the following command:

    npm install @salla.sa/cli -g

    And you're now ready to start building your apps with Salla Partners Portal !

    After installation, you will have access to the salla binary in your command line. You can verify that the CLI is properly installed by simply running the binary command, salla, which should present you with a help message listing all available commands.

    You can check you have the right version with this command:

    salla --version

    The convention followed to execute Salla CLI Commands is:

    salla <command>
    Available Commands:
      Command:                         Description:                                      Properties:
      salla app                        Show list of commands with the binary `app`       -
      salla app create                 Create a new Salla App                            -
      salla app create-webhook         Create a new Salla App Webhook                    [event.name]
      salla app delete                 Delete an existing Salla App                      -
      salla app list                   List all your Salla Apps                          -
      salla app info                   Show detailed app information                     -
      salla app link                   Link your local app with Salla Partners           -
      salla app serve                  Serve an existing Salla App                       [-p,-l]
      salla login                      Login to your Salla Store                         -
      salla version                    Show the version of Salla CLI                     -

    Create Application

    Creating your Salla App App is much easier with Salla CLI. Run the following command to go through the wizard that would help you create your app:

    salla app create

    List of existing apps assocaited to your account will be displayed as well as an option to create your app on Salla Partners Portal. Afterwards, you will be presented with easy-to fill in information to create your app.

    Salla App Create Command

    Serve Application

    To run and test an existing Salla App, run the following command:

    salla app serve

    Salla App Serve Command

    Create Webhook

    Webhooks are a way to receive notifications from Salla when an event happens in your Salla App. For example, when a new order is placed, you can receive a notification via your own webhook. Read more on the Official Docs.

    For utmost flexibility, you can stream a webhook for any event you want to receive. Run the following command to create a webhook:

    salla app create-webhook

    Salla App Create-Webhook Command


    To communicate with your Salla Partners Portal Apps, you will need to be authenticated. To do so, run the following command:

    salla login

    That will handle all authentication and authorization process with your account on Salla Partners Portal.

    Salla App Login


    To link your local app with Salla Partners, you need to run:

    salla app link

    List of existing apps assocaited to your account will be displayed where you will need to choose one application to link to your local app to.

    Salla App Link Command


    To delete your app directly from the CLI, you need to run:

    salla app delete

    Salla App Delete Command


    To upgrade Salla CLI package globally, you need to run:

    npm update @salla.sa/cli -g


    The team is always here to help you. Happen to face an issue? Want to report a bug? You can submit one here on Github using the Issue Tracker. If you still have any questions, please contact us via the Telegram Bot or join in the Global Developer Community on Telegram.


    If you discover any security-related issues, please email security@salla.sa instead of using the issue tracker.



    The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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