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    semantic-release plugin to publish a Gitea release.

    Build Status semantic-release Commitizen friendly

    Step Description
    verifyConditions Verify the presence and the validity of the authentication (set via environment variables) and the assets option configuration.
    publish Publish a Gitea release, optionally uploading file assets.
    addChannel Update a Gitea release's pre-release field.

    This plugin is based on the semantic-release GitHub plugin. Thanks to everyone who worked on that!


    $ npm install @saithodev/semantic-release-gitea -D


    The plugin can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

      "plugins": [
        ["@saithodev/semantic-release-gitea", {
          "giteaUrl": "",
          "assets": [
            {"path": "dist/asset.min.css", "label": "CSS distribution"},
            {"path": "dist/asset.min.js", "label": "JS distribution"}

    With this example Gitea releases will be published with the file dist/asset.min.css and dist/asset.min.js.


    Gitea authentication

    The Gitea authentication configuration is required and can be set via environment variables.

    Create a API key token via your Gitea installation’s web interface: Settings | Applications | Generate New Token.. The token has to be made available in your CI environment via the GITEA_TOKEN environment variable. The user associated with the token must have push permission to the repository.

    Environment variables

    Variable Description
    GITEA_TOKEN Required. The token used to authenticate with Gitea.
    GITEA_URL Required. The URL to your Gitea instance.
    GITEA_PREFIX The Gitea API prefix. (default: /api/v1)


    Option Description Default
    giteaUrl The Gitea endpoint. GITEA_URL environment variable.
    giteaApiPathPrefix The Gitea API prefix. GITEA_PREFIX environment variable.
    assets An array of files to upload to the release. See assets. -


    Can be a glob or and Array of globs and Objects with the following properties:

    Property Description Default
    path Required. A glob to identify the files to upload. -
    name The name of the downloadable file on the GitHub release. File name extracted from the path.
    label Short description of the file displayed on the GitHub release. -

    Each entry in the assets Array is globbed individually. A glob can be a String ("dist/**/*.js" or "dist/mylib.js") or an Array of Strings that will be globbed together (["dist/**", "!**/*.css"]).

    If a directory is configured, all the files under this directory and its children will be included.

    The name and label for each assets are generated with Lodash template. The following variables are available:

    Parameter Description
    branch The branch from which the release is done.
    lastRelease Object with version, gitTag and gitHead of the last release.
    nextRelease Object with version, gitTag, gitHead and notes of the release being done.
    commits Array of commit Objects with hash, subject, body message and author.

    Note: If a file has a match in assets it will be included even if it also has a match in .gitignore.

    Note: The file types in this example are per default not allowed for release assets. Make sure to check your Gitea configuration for allowed file types (setting AttachmentAllowedTypes inside [attachment] scope).

    assets examples

    'dist/*.js': include all the js files in the dist directory, but not in its sub-directories.

    [['dist', '!**/*.css']]: include all the files in the dist directory and its sub-directories excluding the css files.

    [{path: 'dist/MyLibrary.js', label: 'MyLibrary JS distribution'}, {path: 'dist/MyLibrary.css', label: 'MyLibrary CSS distribution'}]: include the dist/MyLibrary.js and dist/MyLibrary.css files, and label them MyLibrary JS distribution and MyLibrary CSS distribution in the Gitea release.

    [['dist/**/*.{js,css}', '!**/*.min.*'], {path: 'build/', label: 'MyLibrary'}]: include all the js and css files in the dist directory and its sub-directories excluding the minified version, plus the build/ file and label it MyLibrary in the Gitea release.

    [{path: 'dist/MyLibrary.js', name: 'MyLibrary-${nextRelease.gitTag}.js', label: 'MyLibrary JS (${nextRelease.gitTag}) distribution'}]: include the file dist/MyLibrary.js and upload it to the Gitea release with name MyLibrary-v1.0.0.js and label MyLibrary JS (v1.0.0) distribution which will generate the link:

    [MyLibrary JS (v1.0.0) distribution](MyLibrary-v1.0.0.js)


    npm i @saithodev/semantic-release-gitea

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