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This repository stores many open source API tools written by Me

All API tools are gathered under a single repository and made available to use as a single npm package.

Here you can find different API tools, develop them or use them on your own server.

All APIs avaliable on JavaScript Modules.

API Description Response Folder
TextMaker Server fetch tool for textpro and glowtext. 300-2700ms /TextMaker
GTAV Mod Finder A Data fetch tool from gta5mods. 150-400ms /GTAVMod-Finder
Tiktok Downloader Tiktok video downloader. 4900-15000ms /TT-Downloader
Instagram Scraper Instagram video, photo, reels, igtv, stories and profile scraper. 7000-20000ms /InstaDownloader
NPM Scraper Data fetch tool for npm users and packages. 120-300ms /NpmSearch
Github Scraper Exclusive and advanced github profile analyzier. (With Achievements) 500-3000ms /GithubScraper
Game System Requirements Get GPU specs or game requirements. 500-1900ms /Benchmark
Sentence Similarity Finds the similarity of two sentences. 20-90ms /Similarity
Artbreeder Scraper A data fetch tool from artbreeder. 150-300ms /Artbreeder

You can search all APIs in here

Check the New REST API >> Open APIs REST <<

Announcement to the developers!

Before making any pr requests, make sure the tool is fully operational. Dont forget to give credit.

The functions you will code, must work in harmony with the existing ones. Click here to see all functions used in this repo!

Check Internal Tests

npm i @saipulanuar/open-apis


Windows Test: npm test

Mac Test: npm run test_mac

Linux Test: npm run test_linux

Dev Test: npm run dev

Before completing the page, I want to thank everyone who uses these APIs. Waiting for your comments and codes.

Stay well.

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