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Usually, UI development starts with mock data in cases where the backend service is unavailable, delayed or if it's not required. Maintaining the mock data does not provide CURD functionalities.

@sahaz/file-server provides rest http back-end api service within no time with desired endpoint url, with an in-built json database and generic/custom api and with CURD operation functionality.

Installation and Usage

  • You can install via npm with the following command

    npm i @sahaz/file-server --save-dev
  • Add the script command in project package file to keep it handy

    "script": {
        "dev-server" :"file-server"
  • Start you dev file database server

    npm run dev-server
  • By default server will start with http://localhost:1234 and apis are available with http://localhost:1234/api

  • Posting data on api, with any flexible name which is added after api

    post Request to  http://localhost:1234/api/user with 
    body = {
        name: 'file-server',
        description: 'great tool for starting 
        UI development with ready backend.'
    # Response will be with "__id" which can later be used on the same data for operations such as  Delete or Update or Get
          "__id": 9146499447,
          "name": "file-server",
          "description": "great tool for starting UI development with ready backend."
      # the same data can be Get with 
      # Delete 

    Api Customization

    • api urls can be customized as per the required endpoint
      • Provide server-config.json file to customize the settings, as of now, we have only the mentioned settings which can be overridden.
        "port": 12345,
        "baseUrl": "api",
        "baseFolder": "file-db/db"
    • Or it can be overridden directly from command line argument
    file-server --port 12345 --baseUrl api/custom/v1 --baseFolder custom/db

    More update is coming soon......

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