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This package contains the Rye payment client required to perform checkout using Rye Cart-API. The package relays on Spreedly iFrame which takes care of handling secure payment data (credit card number and cvv).

Table of Contents

  1. Install
  2. Usage
  3. Related documentation


Install with npm:

npm i @rye-api/rye-pay

Install with yarn:

yarn add @rye-api/rye-pay


Preparing a payment form

Developers are responsible for creating a form that collects user credit card data. It is up to a developer how to style and layout the form. In order to be PCI Complaint a developer should not use any input fields to collect a credit card number and cvv. Instead, they should provide two HTML elements with id attribute where the number and cvv Spreedly iFrame fields should be rendered.

RyePay initialization and cart submission

import { RyePay } from '@rye-api/rye-pay';

const ryePay = new RyePay();

Initialization object initParams

initParams is an object with the following fields:

apiKey: string

Scheduled for deprecation. Use generateJWT instead. Developer's key to access Rye API. Either apiKey or generateJWT function must be provided.

generateJWT: () => Promise<string>

Function that is used to generate JWT for authorization. Either generateJWT or apiKey must be provided. See https://docs.rye.com/jwt-authentication for additional details.

numberEl: string required

Id of the HTML element where the number iFrame field should be rendered.

cvvEl: string required

Id of the HTML element where the CVV iFrame field should be rendered.

onReady: (spreedly: Spreedly) => void

Triggered when the iFrame is initialized and ready for configuration. setStyle and other UI function calls should be made within this event listener. This event will only fire after init() has been called. Original Spreedly object is passed as a callback parameter.

onCartSubmitted(result: SubmitCartResult)

Triggered when the cart submission is completed and an attempt to make a payment and create orders is made.

onErrors: (errors) => void

Triggered when a payment method is not successfully tokenized. A description of the errors object can be found here

onIFrameError: (error) => void

Triggered when a javascript error occurs within the iFrame. This is useful for debugging runtime issues. error includes keys msg, url, line, col

onFieldChanged: (name, type, activeEl, inputProperties) => void

Triggered when an input event occurs in either iFrame field. This is useful to provide real-time feedback to the user. A description of params can be found here Note: inputProperties is only populated on the input event type.

onValidate: (inputProperties) => void

Triggered when validation of the iFrame is requested. This event will only fire after validate() has been called. A description of input properties can be found here

enableLogging: boolean

Indicates whether to log to the console the crucial steps of the script execution. Helpful for debugging.

Payment details object paymentDetails:

As soon as the user filled the payment form and the cart is ready to be submitted, the developer should call ryePay.submit(paymentDetails). To handle the result the developer should provide onCartSubmitted callback in the init method. This method will submit the cart, make a payment transaction using specified credit card data and create an order per each store in the cart.

NOTE: Please pass in the billing address, not the shipping address.

The address that is stored in the Rye Cart, is the shipping address. The address that will be passed in the paymentDetails object, is the billing address.

paymentDetails is an object with the following fields:

cartId: string required

cart identifier

shopperIp: string required

IP of the user of whose behalf the submit is made (end buyer IP), a valide IPV4 string

first_name: string required

user's first name. Should match the name on the credit card.

last_name: string required

user's last name. Should match the last name on the credit card.

phone_number required

user's phone number

month: string required

credit card expiration month in MM format

year: string required

credit card expiration year in YYYY format

address1: string required

billing address.

address2: string

additional billing address

city: string required

billing city

state: string required

billing state/province

country: string required

billing country

zip: string required

billing zip/postal code

selectedShippingOptions: SelectedShippingOption[]

an array of objects that represent selected shipping option per store

export interface SelectedShippingOption {
  store: string;
  shippingId: string;

experimentalPromoCodes: StorePromoCodes[]

an array of objects that represent promo codes applied for a store. This field is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.

export interface StorePromoCodes {
  store: string;
  promoCodes: string[];

Handle submission result

onCartSubmitted callback takes an argument of SubmitCartResult type that provides detail information about the cart submission status.

interface SubmitCartResult {
  cart: {
    // Cart identifier
    id: string;
    // Submission result per each store in the cart
    stores: SubmitStoreResult[];
  // Common submit errors
  errors: SubmitCartResultError[];

interface SubmitStoreResult {
  // Store information
  store: Store;
  // Submission status for this store
  status: SubmitStoreStatus;
  // Identifier of the request to track order status
  requestId?: string;
  // Store specific errors
  errors: SubmitStoreResultError[];

interface SubmitCartResultError {
  code: SubmitCartResultErrorCode;
  message: string;

interface SubmitStoreResultError {
  code: SubmitStoreResultErrorCode;
  message: string;

enum SubmitStoreResultErrorCode {

enum SubmitCartResultErrorCode {

type Store = AmazonStore | ShopifyStore;

interface AmazonStore {
  store: string;
  cartLines: AmazonCartLine[];

interface ShopifyStore {
  store: string;
  cartLines: ShopifyCartLine[];

export interface AmazonCartLine {
  quantity: number;
  product: {
    id: string;

export interface ShopifyCartLine {
  quantity: number;
  variant: {
    id: string;

enum SubmitStoreStatus {
  // Submission completed without any issues
  // Payment issues occurred during the submission
  // Other issues occurred during the submission

Other methods and fields

initialized: boolean

Indicates whether the RyePay has been initialized.

Methods described below are a direct mapping to the Spreedly object. A detailed description can be found here



setFieldType(field, type)

setLabel(field, label)

setTitle(field, title)


setPlaceholder(field, placeholder)

setStyle(field, css)



Related documentation

Spreedly iFrame api reference




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