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    Smart Processes Management

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    Executor for Runnerty: AMQP

    Module AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) 0-9-1 Publisher. This is a wrapper from the amqplib


    npm i @runnerty/executor-amqp


    Add in config.json:

      "id": "amqp_default",
      "type": "@runnerty-executor-amqp",
      "hostname": "localhost"
    All parameters:
      "id": "amqp_default",
      "type": "@runnerty-executor-amqp",
      "protocol": "amqp",
      "hostname": "localhost",
      "port": 5672,
      "username": "guest",
      "password": "guest",
      "locale": "en_US",
      "frameMax": 1000,
      "heartbeat": 0,
      "vhost": "/",
      "options": {
        "expiration": 10000,
        "userId": "myUserId",
        "CC": "myCC",
        "BCC": ["bcc1,bcc2"],
        "mandatory": false,
        "persistent": true,
        "deliveryMode": true,
        "contentType": "myContentType",
        "contentEncoding": "myContentEncoding",
        "headers": { "header": "value" },
        "priority": 9,
        "correlationId": "myCorrelationId",
        "replyTo": "myReplyTo",
        "messageId": "myMessageId",
        "timestamp": 999999999,
        "type": "myType",
        "appId": "myAppId"

    Plan sample:

    Add in plan.json:

      "id": "amqp_default",
      "exange": "MY_EXANGE",
      "exangeType": "direct",
      "routingKey": "runnerty.test.#",
      "message": "My message from Runnerty!",
      "options": {
        "persistent": true
    Or direct to Queue:
      "id": "amqp_default",
      "queue": "MY_QUEUE",
      "message": "My message from Runnerty!",
      "options": {
        "priority": 10

    Connection parameters

    Option Type Description
    protocol string The to be used protocol: "amqp" or "amqps". Default value: 'amqp'.
    hostname string Hostname. Default value: 'localhost'
    port string Port. Default value: 5672
    username string Username. Default value: 'guest'
    password string Password. Default value: 'guest'
    locale string Password. Default value: 'en_US'
    frameMax number The size in bytes of the maximum frame allowed. Default value: 0x1000
    heartbeat number The period of the connection heartbeat in seconds. Default value: 0
    vhost string What VHost shall be used. Default value: '/'

    Message options

    Can be set in config as default or in the process. The value indicated in the process overwrites the one indicated in config.
    Option Type
    expiration string/number
    userId string
    CC string/string[]
    BCC string/string[]
    mandatory boolean
    persistent boolean
    deliveryMode boolean/number
    contentType string
    contentEncoding string
    headers object (key:value)
    priority number
    correlationId string
    replyTo string
    messageId string
    timestamp number
    type string
    appId string

    More information in amqp-lib api reference

    Output (Process values):

    • PROCESS_EXEC_MSG_OUTPUT: Log operations message.
    • PROCESS_EXEC_ERR_OUTPUT: Error output message.


    npm i @runnerty/executor-amqp

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