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    Admin UI for Ionic4 with Angular7+ mobile application based on Rucken template


    • Angular - development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications using Typescript/JavaScript and other languages
    • Ionicframework - open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build top quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies
    • TypeScript - superset of JS which compiles to JS, providing compile-time type checking
    • jsonwebtoken - a JavaScript json web tokens implementation by auth0
    • ngx-permissions - permission and roles based access control for your angular(angular 2,4,5,6,7+) applications(AOT, lazy modules compatible)
    • ngx-cookie-service - an (AOT ready) Angular (4.2+) service for cookies. Originally based on the ng2-cookies library
    • ngx-dynamic-form-builder - FormBuilder + class-transformer + class-validator = dynamic form group builder for Angular7+
    • ngx-repository - custom repository service for Angular7+, for easy work with the REST backend, with switch on fly from REST backend to the MOCK backend with save and use all CRUD operations
    • ngx-bind-io - directives for auto binding Input() and Output() in Angular7+ application
    • ionicons - premium designed icons for use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. Support for SVG and web font. Completely open source, MIT licensed and built by the Ionic Framework team


    git clone my-app
    cd my-app
    npm install
    npm run start:prod

    Demo - Static site on GitHub Pages

    rucken-ionic.apk - Mobile application for android

    Compodoc documentations - Demo application documentation - components documentation

    Quick links

    Frontend (with core)

    @rucken/core - Core with Admin UI for web application maked on Angular7+ and Bootstrap3.

    @rucken/todo - Core with UI for web todo application maked on Angular7+ and Bootstrap3.


    @rucken/core-nestjs - A simple application demonstrating the basic usage of permissions with NestJS (JWT, Passport, Facebook, Google+, User, Group, Permission).

    @rucken/todo-nestjs - A simple todo application with NestJS (Projects, Tasks, Statuses).


    @rucken/ionic - Admin UI for Ionic4 with Angular7+ mobile application.

    @rucken/todo-ionic - Admin UI for Ionic4 with Angular7+ mobile todo application


    @rucken/cli - Console tools to create and build Angular7+ and NestJS application based on Rucken template




    npm i @rucken/ionic

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