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A cute, smart, and expendable IOC container for javascript.

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npm install @rstone770/brandy

Brandy at heart is a minimal yet powerful IOC container that aims for elegance while simultaneously being very accommodating. While the main API is only three methods, using container enhancer patterns heavily influenced by redux allows Brandy to be extended to meet any demand.

import { createContainer } from 'brandy';
class Foo {
    constructor(bar, baz) {
      console.log(bar, baz);
const barFactory = () => 'bar value';
const container = createContainer()
    .bind('foo', Foo, { dependencies: ['bar', 'baz'] })
    .factory('bar', barFactory)
    .factory('baz', (bar) => `${bar} baz!`, { dependencies: ['bar'] });
const foo = container.instance('foo');


Although not a IOC solution, the elegance and architecture were heavily influenced by redux


npm install --save @rston770/brandy


createContainer(enhancer = null)

Creates a new container instance running it through an enhancer if one is provided.

Usage with enhancer

Enhancers allow enhancement and extension of the container simply by calling the enhancer with itself so that the behavior and shape of the container can be controlled.

const instanceLogger = (createContainer) => {
    return () => {
        const container = createContainer();
        const instance = (name) => {
            const next =;
            console.log(`producing ${name}.`);
            return next(name);
        return { ...container, instance };
const loggedContainer = createContainer(instanceLogger);
    .factory('dep', () => 'value')
    .instance('dep'); // console.log('producing dep')

Multiple enhancers can be used simply by composing the enhancers. Any library that allows for functional composition can be used.

const logger = (createContainer) => () => { return createContainer() }, // enhancer that adds logging
      lifecycle = (createContainer) => () => { return createContainer() }; // enhancer that adds life cycle support
const enhancedContainer = createContainer((createContainer) => logger(lifecycle(createContainer)));


Simply determines if a value is a container type.

isContainer(createContainer()); // true
isContainer(12312); // false
isContainer({}); // false

Container API

bind(name, Constructor, options={})

bind will bind a constructor to a specific name. Using bind on constructors/classes is important because when the dependency activates, it properly invokes the new operator instead of simply calling constructor.

class Test {};
const container = createContainer()
    .bind('correct', Test)
    .factory('incorrect', Test);
container.instance('correct') instanceof Test // true;
container.instance('incorrect') instanceof Test // false or exception;

With options

bind excepts an optional options object which allows for special configurations.

options.dependencies: string[]

Any dependencies listed will be injected in order to the constructor as arguments on instance creation.

factory(name, factory(), options={})

factory will bind a factory to a specific name. Using factory is typically recommended since it allows for finer grained control of object creation.

const container = createContainer()
    .factory('api', () => {
        return {/* some api */};
const api = container.instance('api');

With options

factory excepts the same options that bind does and handles them exactly the same way.


instance will create a new instance of whatever is assigned to name. Dependency resolution will happen at this time only, so dependencies can be defined out of order.

const container = createContainer()
    .factory('service', (api) => {}, { dependencies: ['api'] }) 
    .factory('api', () => { /* some api */});

While resolving, any dependency that cannot be resolved or has a circular dependency will throw an exception and halt the activation process.




npm i @rstone770/brandy

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