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Upload Drop Zone

Drop zone (container) component to initiate file and folder content uploads Supports individual files as well as recursively iterating over a dropped directory to upload its contents.

Uses html-dir-content to process the files/directories in the DnD events (DataTransferItem).

Can easily be combined with other D&D solutions.

Drop Zones can use different configuration overrides that supersede the options passed to the parent Uploady.

Note: Some options cannot be overriden by the button. For example, any prop that influences the file input directly (such as 'multiple')

The best place to get started is at our: React-Uploady Documentation Website



   $ yarn add @rpldy/uploady @rpldy/upload-drop-zone 

   $ npm i @rpldy/uploady @rpldy/upload-drop-zone 


Name (* = mandatory) Type Default Description
id string undefined id attribute to pass to the container element
className string undefined the class attribute to pass to the container element
onDragOverClassName string undefined class name to add to the container when dragged over
dropHandler DropHandlerMethod undefined override default handler that returns the drop result (ex: files). May return a promise
htmlDirContentParams Object undefined will be passed as is to html-dir-content. See docs
shouldRemoveDragOver ShouldRemoveDragOverMethod undefined callback to help identify when to remove the onDragOverClassName. Receives the dragleave event
shouldHandleDrag boolean or ShuoldHandleDragMethod undefined Whether drag&drop should be handled, either boolean or method returning boolean
enableOnContains boolean true By default will handle drag-enter for children of the container and not just the container itself
children React.Node undefined child element(s) to render inside the container
extraProps Object undefined any other props to pass to the div component (with spread)

In addition, most UploadOptions props can be passed to UploadDropZone. In order to override configuration passed to the parent Uploady component. See Uploady documentation for detailed list of upload options.


Can be a boolean or a method returning a boolean. In case of a method, the drag event will be provided as a param.

In case shouldHandleDrag === false, the drag&drop flow will not be handled by this component. In case you want to enable logic to determine whether drag&drop will be enabled, pass a callback for this prop. Returning a Falsy value will disable DnD, returning Truthy will keep it enabled.


By default, handles Drop event by calling getFilesFromDragEvent from html-dir-content.

In case you want to provide your own logic that will calculate the items(files) passed to the uploader from the drop event, pass in a custom handler.

You can still get the files as the internal method does, by calling getFiles passed to the custom dropHandler as the second param.


Gives more control over when to recognize drag-over is done and indicator should be cleared

See further explanation on our doc site


Simple example, shows how upload options can be passed to the drop-zone (grouped, maxGroupSize).

import Uploady from "@rpldy/uploady";
import UploadDropZone from "@rpldy/upload-drop-zone";

const App = () => (
    <Uploady destination={destination}>
        <UploadDropZone onDragOverClassName="drag-over"
            <span>Drag&Drop File(s) Here</span>            

See story showing how to use a 3rd library: react-dnd together with @rpldy/upload-drop-zone.

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