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Built by The Root Company for Greenlock, ACME.js, and Keypairs.js

Lightweight, Zero-Dependency, x509 encoder and decoder for Node.js and Browsers

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This provides a set ASN.1 / x509 schemas for DER encoding and decoding Public / Private Keypairs and CSRs.

  • [x] Zero External Dependencies
  • [x] x509 schemas for common crypto
    • [x] RSA & ECDSA Public/Private Keypairs
      • PKCS1
      • PKCS8
      • SEC1
      • SPKI
      • PKIX
    • [x] Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)
      • PKCS10
  • [x] Universal Support
    • [x] Node.js
    • [x] Browsers
  • [x] Vanilla JS

Looking for easy?

You probably just want to use one of these:

Looking for a deep dive? Well, in addition to x509.js, you'll probably also want one of more of these:

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This package contains both node-specific and browser-specific code, and the package.json#browser field ensures that your package manager will automatically choose the correct code for your environment.

Node (and Webpack)

npm install --save @root/x509
var X509 = require('@root/x509');
// just the encoders
var X509 = require('@root/x509/packers');
// just the decoders
var X509 = require('@root/x509/parsers');

Browsers (Vanilla JS)

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@root/x509/dist/x509.all.js"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@root/x509/dist/x509.all.min.js"></script>
var X509 = window.X509;


This is a very tiny, very efficient x509 package.

Rather than implementing full schemas as defined by the RFCs, it only implements the parts that are actually used in the wild by programs like openssl, Let's Encrypt, ssh-keygen, etc.

Additionally, rather than always using a full parser, it uses happy-path heuristics to quickly and efficiently extract the necessary information. It likewise packs very quickly.


The packers encoder JWK as DER.

X509.packPkix(jwk); // alias of X509.packSpki

There are two special functions specifically for embeding keys in CSRs.


The rest of the CSR code is in csr.js.


The keypair format parsers each return a JWK, for convenience. To conserve memory, they expect taht you give an empty object as the jwk parameter.

If you are using crv: 'P-384', you should pass that in as part of the otherwise empty JWK.

X509.parsePkcs1(buf, jwk);
X509.parseSec1(buf, jwk);
X509.parsePkcs8(buf, jwk);
X509.parseSpki(buf, jwk);
X509.parsePkix(buf, jwk); // aliase of parseSpki


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