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This package has been deprecated

Author message:

Please install sfdx-retrieve-deploy-companion which is an overhaul of this package


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SFDX plugin to selectively retrieve metadata of a particular type from a scratch org to a specified directory and to deploy a particular module in source format to a scratch org.

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How to install

$ sfdx plugins:install @rohanatgwcs/sfdx-selective-retrieve-deploy

sfdx gs:source:pull

Retrieves specific metadata/s to a sepcified location based on name and type
or all the meatadata of a specific type

  $ sfdx gs:source:pull

  -d, --targetdir=targetdir                       (required) Path of target directory where the component needs to be pulled
  -i, --includedir                                If you want to retrieve the directory as well along with the metadata components
  -m, --mdapiformat                               If you want to retrieve the content in mdapi format
  -n, --names=names                               Name of the component/s to retrieve
  -t, --type=type                                 (required) Type of the components to retrieve, only support one component at a time
  -u, --targetusername=targetusername             username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
  --apiversion=apiversion                         override the api version used for api requests made by this command
  --json                                          format output as json
  --loglevel=(trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal)  logging level for this command invocation  

  sfdx gs:source:pull --type ApexClass --names MyClass1,MyClass2 --targetdir app/main/default/classes
       // retrieves MyClass1 and MyClass2 from an org (sratch/non-scratch) to the provided directory location  
       i.e app/main/default directory
  sfdx gs:source:pull --type Layout --names Layout1 --targetdir app/main/default --includedir
       // retrieves Layout1 along with the layouts folder from an org (sratch/non-scratch) to the provided directory 
  location i.e app/main/default directory

  sfdx gs:source:pull --type PermissionSet --targetdir app/main/default --includedir
       // retrieves all the permission sets along with the PermissionSet folder from an org (sratch/non-scratch) to the provided directory 
  location i.e. app/main/default directory

  'AccountCriteriaBasedSharingRule', 'AccountOwnerSharingRule', 'AnalyticSnapshot', 'ApexClass',
  'ApexComponent', 'ApexPage', 'ApexTrigger', 'ApprovalProcess', 'AppMenu', 'AssignmentRules',
  'AuraDefinitionBundle', 'AuthProvider', 'AutoResponseRules', 'Certificate', 'CleanDataService',
  'Community', 'CompactLayout', 'CustomApplication', 'CustomApplicationComponent', 'CustomField',
  'CustomLabels', 'CustomObject', 'CustomMetadata', 'CustomObjectTranslation', 'CustomPageWebLink',
  'CustomPermission', 'CustomSite', 'CustomTab', 'DelegateGroup', 'DuplicateRule', 'EscalationRules',
  'ExternalDataSource', 'FlexiPage', 'Flow', 'FlowDefinition', 'GlobalValueSet',
  'GlobalValueSetTranslation', 'Group', 'HomePageComponent', 'HomePageLayout', 'Layout', 'Letterhead', 'ListView', 'ManagedTopics', 'MatchingRule', 'MatchingRules', 'Network',
  'PathAssistant', 'PermissionSet', 'Profile', 'Queue', 'QuickAction', 'RecordType', 'RemoteSiteSetting', 'ReportType', 'Role', 'SharingRules', 'SharingCriteriaRule',
  'SharingOwnerRule', 'SharingTerritoryRule', 'SiteDotCom', 'StandardValueSet',
  'StandardValueSetTranslation', 'StaticResource', 'Territory', 'Translations', 'ValidationRule',
  'WebLink', 'Workflow', 'WorkflowAlert', 'WorkflowFieldUpdate', 'WorkflowRule', 'Settings',
  'WaveApplication', 'WaveDashboard', 'WaveDataflow', 'WaveLens', 'WaveTemplateBundle', 'Wavexmd',

See code: src/commands/gs/source/pull.ts

sfdx gs:source:push

Deploys a module in source-format from a sepcified location.
Deploys a file or a folder.

  $ sfdx gs:source:push

  -c, --validate                                  validate only the push
  -d, --directorypath=directorypath               path of the directory to be pushed
  -f, --filepath=filepath                         path of the file to be pushed
  -m, --modulepath=modulepath                     path of the sfdx aka source format module to be pushed from a multi-module sfdx project
  -u, --targetusername=targetusername             username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
  --apiversion=apiversion                         override the api version used for api requests made by this command
  --json                                          format output as json
  --loglevel=(trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal)  logging level for this command invocation  

  sfdx gs:source:push --modulePath app  
  //deploys app module to the target org to the default org
  sfdx gs:source:push -filepath app/main/default/permissionsets/MyPermissionSet -u MyTargerOrg  
  //deploys the MyPermissionSet to an org with alias MyTargetOrg

  sfdx gs:source:push -directorypath myFolder/PermissionSets -c -u MyTargetOrg
  //validates the deployment of all the permission sets from the directory myFolder/PermissionSets on MyTargetOrg

See code: src/commands/gs/source/push.ts

Motivation behind this plugin:

1. sfdx gs:source:pull
Selectively pull a specific type of metadata to a directory of your choice. The sfdx force:source:pull command does not give you flexibility regarding what you want to pull and where. 
Use cases:
a. You are working in a multi-module sfdx project and pull a specific metadata to your module/folder of choice without messing around with the sfdx-project.json and .forceignore files.
b. You created/changed some Components in the scratch org, but do not want to pull all of them into your local sfdx project.
c. You changed the name of a field, and this field is being referenced in a layout and a record type. There is no way sfdx force:source:pull retrieves layout and record type for you. This plugin comes in handy then.
d. Pull the changed community binary file after every change in the community, sfdx force: source:pull does not seems to support it.

Known Limitations: Currently the plugin does not retrieve objects and its related metadata like fields, record types, validation rules, assignment rules, and escalation rules instead it spits it out in the mdapi format. 
I am planning to release this in the next version. 
Also currently the target directory is a mandatory parameter, support for a default directory based on sfdx-package.json would be helpful. I will wait for feedback before starting to work on this.

2. sfdx gs:source:push
Push the module of your choice to the scratch org. Unlike sfdx force:sorce:pull, this command does not rely on the changes you made to be pushed to the repo, instead explicitly tries to deploy the folder/module to your scratch org. 
Use Cases: 
a. sfdx force:source:push can bring your org into indeed an inconsistent state due to its default and non-controllable way of selectively deploying components. This command comes in handy in such situations to bring your org to the right state.
b. If you are working on a multi-module approach and do not want to deploy all the modules to the org and at the same time also do not wish to play around with sfdx-project.json and .forceignore file, this command can be at your rescue.

Note: Both these commands work equally well with sandboxes and even prod orgs as long as you have authenticated the target org with SFDX CLI. So if you are using them in non-scratch orgs, use them with utmost care as they are powerful and can alter/override the things in any target environment.

Change Log

### Version 1.2.0  
1. Support for type based retrieval of components  
sfdx gs:source:pull --type PermissionSet --targetdir app/main/default --includedir  

2. Support for retrieval of components in the -meta.xml format by default, earlier it  
used to be mdapi format .xml by default. MDAPI format can still be retrived/pulled by
passing the --mdapiformat(-m) format.

### Version 1.2.1
1. Support for file and folder push/deploy which are not in source format  
2. Support for validating push/deploy

### Version 1.2.2
Minor fixes: removal of logs and temp folders.

### Version 1.3.0
Support for json based simple dependency management
e.g. sfdx gs:source:push -m force-app -i -u MyScratchOrg -p config/dependencies.json
A typical dependency.json file will look like
    "packageDirectories": [
        "path": "data-model"
        "path": "log-lib"
        "path": "force-app"

This means force-app is dependant on data-model and log-lib modules.

### Version 1.4.0
1. Support for copying the mdpaiPackage generated as part of the push process to a specified location passed as a param/flag otherwise to the root of the project folder.
2. Enhancements to the dependency management, no need to pass the module name
e.g. sfdx gs:source:push -u MyScratchOrg -p config/dependencies.json



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