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This CLI generates a challenge folder based on the challenge-generator-backend API. The content of the folder is described in the challenge content section.

The usual flow is the following:

graph LR
    A((START)) --> B{Select Type}
    B --> |Custom| E[\Answer all the questions\]
    B --> |Completely Random| F[(Fetch Challenge from the API)]
    E --> F
    F --> G[/Create the Files/]
    G --> H((END))

Getting Started

For further customization, go to the Advanced Usage section. If you want to take a look at the modules documentation, click here.

To get general help

npx @roeeyn/challenge-generator --help

Generate a coding challenge selecting each parameter

# To skip a parameter just press Enter
npx @roeeyn/challenge-generator

Generate a python3 coding challenge

npx @roeeyn/challenge-generator --programming-language python3 -s

Generate a javascript coding challenge

npx @roeeyn/challenge-generator --programming-language javascript -s

Generate a java coding challenge

⚠️ Even if we can create a challenge for Java, we haven't tested it yet on Jude0 so the submission tools may not work correctly as the testframework and run file are not yet implemented.

npx @roeeyn/challenge-generator --programming-language java -s

Coding Challenge Contents

The created coding challenge folder contains the following files:


This is the file which contains the coding challenge description, and some of the examples provided. This is usually provided as a markdown file, so the formatted is done automatically.

Index File

The index file contains the initial function of the coding challenge, which should be given to the user directly.

Test File

This is the file which contains all the unit tests for the coding challenge. This usually make use of the custom testing framework provided, but see the Test Framework File for the details.

Test Framework File

This file contains our minified custom testing framework, to validate that the code uploaded from the user is correct. To see the original framework, see the templates folder.

⚠️ We have include the most used functions, but there are coding challenges that contains specific testing for that specific coding challenge and our test framework may not work on that. This is not usual, though.

Run File

This file contains the execution script to run whenever this coding challenge is uploaded to Judge0.

Advanced Usage

We can filter most of the params we want the coding challenge to contain. These are the following:

Flag Requires Value? Description Example
-V, --version Prints the CLI version 0.0.1
-t, --title Title regex to search ort$ e.g. Titles which ends with 'ort'
--edabit-id If you know the value of the edabit id, you can set it directly 6vSZmN66xhMRDX8YT
-a, --author Author regex to search ^M e.g Author which starts with 'M'
-t, --tags Tags to serch separated by commas strings,loops
-d, --min-difficulty The minimum difficulty the challenge should have from 0 (easiest) to 5 (hardest) 2.5
-q, --min-quality The minimum quality the challenge should have from 0 (lowest) to 5 (highest) 2.5
--programming-language The challenge programming language. Only java, javascript, and python3 is supported. javascript
-s, --skip-confirmation If the confirmation message should be skipped, and if the other parametrs should be discarded N/A
-v, --verbose Prints debugging information N/A
-h, --help Prints this information N/A

Judge0 Submission

We created a script (judge0-submissioner) that can help you testing the submissions into judge0 easily, you can find it in the examples folder. The basic usage of this script is the following:

# Maybe you need to give execution access
chmod +x ./examples/judge0-submissioner.sh

# Set the judge0 token (auth, not user)

# Submit the coding challenge solution and the extension (py or js)
./examples/judge0-submissioner.sh your_challenge_directory your_lang_extension

# Real example
./examples/judge0-submissioner.sh ./challenge-proper-modulo-operator js

Future Roadmap

  • Improve Judge0 submissioner to a better CLI.
  • Warn the user if some unexpected element is present in the tests.

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