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RUT Utils

Rol Único Tributario (RUT)

Each person registered in the database of the Civil Registry has its own RUT, that is unique and unrepeatable number that useful as a method of identification. This consists of an 8-digit number with a verification digit that can be from 0 to 9 or a K.


The utilities for the use of the RUT number, consist in a set of tools that allow you to verify the validity of the number, give it a format, and obtain the full name and aditional information of a person that is linked to that Rut number.


  • Give Format a RUT
  • Clean the invalids characters RUT
  • Calculate the verifier digit
  • Verify if its a valid or invalid RUT
  • Get the number of 8 digits or the verifier digit from the RUT
  • Get the full name and additional information of a person from the RUT


npm install rut-utils --save

General Use

import RutUtils from 'rut-utils'
RutUtils.Format( rut: string, dots: boolean ) //Return string
RutUtils.Clean(rut: string) //Return string
RutUtils.Calculate(rut: string) //Return string
RutUtils.IsValid(rut: string) //Return boolean
RutUtils.Digits(rut: string) //Return string
RutUtils.Verifier(rut: string) //Return string
RutUtils.GetInfo(rut: string) //Return Object
RutUtils.GetInfo(data: string, searchForName: boolean) //Return Array


Give Format a RUT

Input: String Rut, boolean dots( true if you want a rut formatted with dots or false if you want without dots ) default is false

import { Format } from 'rut-utils'
Format("24541681", true) // Returns 2.454.168-1
Format("24541681") // Returns 2454168-1

Clean the invalids characters RUT

Input: String Rut

import { Clean } from 'rut-utils'
Clean("2.454.168-1") // Returns 24541681

Calculate the verifier digit

Input: String Rut

import { Calculate } from 'rut-utils'
Calculate("2.454.168") // Returns 1
Calculate("24541681") // Returns 1

Verify if its a valid or invalid RUT

Input: String Rut

import { IsValid } from 'rut-utils'
IsValid("2.454.168-1") // Returns true if is valid
IsValid("2.454.168-K") // Returns false if is invalid

Get the number of 8 digits from the RUT

Input: String Rut

import { Digits } from 'rut-utils'
Digits("2.454.168-1") // Returns 8-digits 2454168

Get the verifier digit from the RUT

Input: String Rut

import { Verifier } from 'rut-utils'
Verifier("2.454.168-1") // Returns verifier digit 1

Get object with the full name and additional info of a person from the RUT

Input: String data, Boolean ( false is for search by rut, default is false )

import { GetInfo } from 'rut-utils'
GetInfo("2.454.168-1") // Returns {"nombre":"Caceres Esteban","rut":"24541681","sexo":1}

Get array with the full name and additional info of a person from the a name person

Input: String data, Boolean ( true is for search by name )

import { GetInfo } from 'rut-utils'
GetInfo("Esteban Caceres", true) // Returns [{"name":"Caceres Esteban","rut":"24541681"}, ...]


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