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    Markdown Table of Contents Generator

    Quickly generate a table of contents from a markdown file and optionally insert it inline.

    Table of Contents



    # Install on a project as a dev dependancy
    npm i -D @robb_j/md-toc

    Example use

    You can use npx md-toc when added as a project dependancy

    # Output a table of contents for a in the current directory
    npx @robb_j/md-toc
    # Insert a table of contents in the local
    # -> Replaces inbetween <!-- toc-head --> and <!-- toc-tail -->
    npx @robb_j/md-toc -i
    # Output a table of contents for a different file
    npx @robb_j/md-toc -f
    # Use a glob to process multiple files
    npx @robb_j/md-toc -f "**/*.md"
    # Test a glob to see what it matches
    npx @robb_j/md-toc -f "**/*.md" --dry-run

    Full usage info

    Usage: @robb_j/md-toc [options]
    A tool for generating a table of contents for readmes
      -V, --version          output the version number
      -f --file []  specify where the markdown file(s) you want to process are, accepts a filename or a glob (default: "")
      -i --inline [false]    edit the table of contents inline, it replaces between '<!-- toc-head -->' and <!-- toc-tail --> (default: false)
      --dry-run [false]      perform a dry run, useful for testing your glob
      -h, --help             output usage information


    You can use this programmatically in node by importing the module, see cli.js for detailed usage.

    const { tableOfContents, headTag, tailTag } = require('@robb_j/md-toc')
    // filename: string
    // inline: boolean
    tableOfContents(filename, inline)


    # Run the cli when you have the repo checked out
    # NOTE: Make sure not to process this readme as it has toc-head/tail comments in for documentation only
    node src/cli.js # ...

    Future work

    • Take file pattern as an argument rather than an option, i.e. md-toc <...pattern>, perhaps as a varadic argument

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