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A simple and reusable Datepicker component for SolidJS (Demo)


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npm i @rnwonder/solid-date-picker
yarn add @rnwonder/solid-date-picker
pnpm add @rnwonder/solid-date-picker

This package depends on solid-js so you need to have it installed


import '@rnwonder/solid-date-picker/dist/style.css'
import DatePicker from "@rnwonder/solid-date-picker";

const App = () => {
  return (
      onChange={(data) => {
        if (data.type === "range") {
          console.log(data.startDate, data.endDate);
        if (data.type === "single") {
        if (data.type === "multiple") {

For Solid Start, you want to use the DatePicker component as a client-side component. You can do this by using the unstable_clientOnly from solid-start.

import { clientOnly } from "@solidjs/start";
const DatePicker = clientOnly(() => import("@rnwonder/solid-date-picker"));

After importing the DatePicker component, you can use it the same way as above.

Styling With Props, Classes, or Attributes

  • You can style the datepicker using class props, color props, default css class names or data attributes.
  • Check out the documentation for more details


  • We have a growing list of themes you can use. Please check them out here

Other Datepicker Props

  • We have some other props that can be useful when working with the datepicker. Please check them out here


  • Formatting the datepicker input label is done with the formatInputLabel, formatInputLabelRangeStart, formatInputLabelRangeEnd, localOptions and locale props
  • Check out the documentation for more details

Utility Functions

  • We have some utility functions that can be useful when working with the datepicker. Please check them out here

Other Components

  • We have some other components that you may find useful. Please check them out here

Time Picker

  • This is in beta and can be used like this
import '@rnwonder/solid-date-picker/dist/style.css'
import TimePicker from "@rnwonder/solid-date-picker/timePicker";

const App = () => {
  return <TimePicker />

Road Map

  • Time Picker (In progress)
  • More themes
  • More utility functions
  • Add more tests


  • Send a message to the author on X if you have any questions or suggestions. Don't forget to follow me on twitter.
  • Feel free to open an issue here if you run into any problem while using this library.
  • You can also contribute to this project here.

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