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A Stream is an Iterable-like structure that represents a source that can stream values when requested. The source is unspecified, it may be a materialized object (e.g. an Array), or a calculated sequence (e.g. the fibonacci numbers). However, unlike an Iterable, a Stream offers many methods to change the values produced by the Stream, before it is consumed, without the need to materialize intermediate instances.

This package exports the following main types:

Name Description
FastIterable<T> an Iterable that supports faster iterating than the Iterable type
FastIterator<T> an Iterator that supports faster iterating than the Iterator type
Stream<T> an Iterable-like structure that represents a source that can produce values of type T when requested
Streamable<T> an interface requiring that an object has a .stream() method
StreamSource<T> a convenience type that covers all types that can be automatically converted to a Stream

For complete documentation please visit the Stream page in the Rimbu Docs, or directly see the Rimbu Stream API Docs.

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Yarn / NPM / Bun

For convenience, all main types are also exported through @rimbu/core.

To install this package only:

For yarn:

yarn add @rimbu/stream

For npm:

npm i @rimbu/stream

For bun:

bun add @rimbu/stream


For Deno, the following approach is recommended:

In the root folder of your project, create or edit a file called import_map.json with the following contents (where you should replace x.y.z with the desired version of Rimbu):

  "imports": {
    "@rimbu/": "https://deno.land/x/rimbu@x.y.z/"

Note: The trailing slashes are important!

In this way you can use relative imports from Rimbu in your code, like so:

import { List } from '@rimbu/core/mod.ts';
import { HashMap } from '@rimbu/hashed/mod.ts';

Note that for sub-packages, due to conversion limitations it is needed to import the index.ts instead of mod.ts, like so:

import { HashMap } from '@rimbu/hashed/map/index.ts';

To run your script (let's assume the entry point is in src/main.ts):

deno run --import-map import_map.json src/main.ts


import { Stream } from '@rimbu/stream';

console.log(Stream.range({ start: 10, amount: 15 }).toArray());


Arvid Nicolaas


Feel very welcome to contribute to further improve Rimbu. Please read our Contributing guide.


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Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2020-present Arvid Nicolaas.

See LICENSE for more information.

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