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    Collection of RigoBlock's smart contracts and deployment/compilation scripts.


    Available Scripts

    In the project directory, you can run:

    yarn ganache

    Starts the Ganache-cli server on port 8545 and with network Id 5777.

    yarn compile

    Compiles all solidity contracts and generates the JSON artifacts. The contract's abi and address are stored under networks[networkId].

    yarn build

    In order: compiles all contracts, deleted dist folder, bootstraps contract on ganache, builds with webpack. Requires Ganache to be up prior to running the command.

    yarn test

    Runs tests for the solidity contracts. Ganache must not be up when running this command as it will automatically start it before each test suite.

    yarn lint

    Lints all JS files.

    yarn deploy

    Launches the smart contract deployment CLI.

    Contract deployment

    • Create a new branch (eg. git checkout -b feature/kovan-contracts-deployment)
    • From the rigoblock-monorepo/packages/contracts directory, launch yarn deploy
    • In the CLI:
      • select the network where you wish to deploy the contract
      • Insert your public key (wallet address)
      • Insert the name of the contract to be deployed
      • Insert the arguments required from the contract, if any, separated by a comma
      • Insert your account mnemonic
    • The contracts/artifacts folder will now have uncommitted changes, commit them.
    • Push the changes to Github (git push --set-upstream origin your-branch-name)
    • Open a pull request with your changes and await approval.

    Note: At the current time it is necessary to pass the account MNEMONIC rather than the private key.

    Here is a demo of how the script works:

    kapture 2018-10-25 at 16 06 14

    Writing Tests

    Read the testing documentation.


    Read our contribution guidelines.




    npm i @rgbk/contracts

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