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A simple wrapper for concurrent Promise methods, no additional functionality.


  • Fully typed, tested and documented. (probably)
  • Make your code cleaner. (subjectively)

If you are looking for real Promise runner and manager, please consider other packages like Bottleneck.

Wait, wha..t's this?

Although it differs subjectively from people to people, codes often get ugly when using concurrent Promise methods (namely all, allSettled and race).

For example, here we have an array to map to Promises (let's call the array arr and the async function doSomething) and a single Promise (and call it p), and we want to run these Promises concurrently.

Here is one of the typical piece of code without declaring a helper variable to add up those Promises:

await Promise.all([
  ...arr.map(async item => await doSomething(item)),

Someone may argue that using spread syntax (...arr) is a little bit inefficient on memory and suggest the following code:

await Promise.all(arr
  .map(async item => await doSomething(item)))

...but it is (subjectively) ugly. Using an empty helper array may make it less ugly (but is still ugly):

await Promise.all([]
  .concat(arr.map(async item => await doSomething(item)))

Also, all codes above have the same problem: we have to treat array mapping and single Promise differently. In one case we need to spread the array, in other cases we need to wrap the single Promise in an array.

now, with @rewl/tasks, we can have a (subjectively) cleaner code:

import Tasks from '@rewl/tasks'

// In the place we need the concurrent Promise method:
await new Tasks()
  .add(arr.map(async item => await doSomething(item)))

It does nothing more, but it looks prettier, and that's what we (or at least I) want to achieve.


new Tasks()

Initialize a new task runner.


  • p (Promise | Promise[]): Promise or array of Promise(s) to be run in concurrency.

Add a Promise or an array of Promises to the task list.

To add many single Promises to the task list, use add() as many times as you wish. add() with arbitrary number of arguments is not supported by design for prettier code.


  • Returns: Array of each Promise's resolve value.

Same as Promise.all(), run all Promise(s),


  • Returns: Array of each Promise's state and resolve value.

Same as Promise.allSettled(), finish all Promise(s) even if any of them are rejected.


  • Returns: The firstly resolved Promise's resolve value.

Same as Promise.race(), run all Promise(s) and return the firstly resolved or rejected value.

You may sometimes want to narrow the type of return value maunally.

Special thanks

This module comes from a discussion of "How to write prettier Promise.all" with following guys:

  • Anillc anticipated in the discussion and help give typings to this module.
  • undefined gave the code with spread syntax (which is also what I used in my code before).
  • YiJie gave the code using concat.
  • Shigma provided brilliant TypeScript typings to this module (which itself is quite tricky as we spent nearly a whole night to find out how to give it types before he showed us the answer with ease).

About @rewl

@rewl ("reinventing the wheel") is a personal npm scope of idlist.

What it does is literal. I believe that there should be other existing module(s) or package(s) that has done (and most of the time do far better than) what I'm doing, but for one reason or another, I decided to reinvent the wheel again. @rewl is the collection of those "wheels".





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