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ReDBox Provisioner: Terraform

A Terraform provisioner for ReDBox.

This hook allows ReDBox to manage and execute Terraform manifests from ReDBox.


  • Launch and parse Terraform return codes
  • Manage Terraform modules and corresponding variables
  • Capture and manage Terraform output

On it's own, this plugin doesn't come with any cloud-specific provisioners. You will need to install a cloud specific provisioner, as part of this Terraform-specific platform.


To add this plugin to ReDBox portal:

  • Clone this repo
  • On your ReDBox portal source directory, run: yarn add file:<local-path-to-repo-clone>

Start ReDBox Portal as usual.

If you are looking to develop this tool, see further information below.


Your API files are in typescript/api/**.

  • controllers
  • services

config & form-config

This configurations are redbox-portal dependent. They will allow redbox to be available as a record If you require to have a form in your portal

  • config/recordtype
  • config/workflow
  • form-config/template-1.0-draft


Main entry point for the hook


Init code before it gets hooked.


Controller routes exposed to the sails front-end

'get /your/route' : YourController.method


Add configuration and services to your sails app

sails.services['YourService'] = function() { };
sails.config = _.merge(sails.config, {object});


First run npm install

Test your sails hook with mocha by running npm test before adding the hook to your redbox-portal. It may cause your application to not lift.

$ npm test

> @uts-eresearch/sails-hook-redbox-template@1.0.0 test /Users/moises/source/code.research/sails-hook-redbox-template
> NODE_ENV=test node_modules/.bin/mocha

  Basic tests ::
    ✓ should have a service
    ✓ should have a form
    ✓ should have a route
    ✓ sails does not crash

  4 passing (864ms)

For more information on testing your hook go to : https://sailsjs.com/documentation/concepts/testing

Development in redbox-portal


  • Clone redbox-portal
  • Create a symbolic link from <root dir>/api/core --> <redbox-portal-source>/api/core
  • Build the core files

A docker-compose.yml file is present in support/development and is setup to run the full ReDBox stack and install the hook. To run the stack there is a ReDBox Sails Hook Run Utility in the root of the project.


ReDBox Sails Hook Run Utility
Usage: ./runForDev.sh [-a|--(no-)angular] [-h|--help]
	-a,--angular,--no-angular: Angular mode. Will ensure permissions are set correctly on the Sails working directory so that changes can be applied (off by default)
	-h,--help: Prints help

Note: The first time the stack runs it may take some time as yarn initialises the hook within ReDBox Portal. All subsequent runs should be faster.


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