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    🤖 @renproject/rentx

    This implements RenVM transaction lifecycles in xstate statemachines to allow developers to easily trace the state of a transaction, and explicitly know which cases they should handle during processing.

    The aim is to provide a declarative interface, that can accept serializable "transaction" objects, that will reactively process the appropriate stages in the transaction lifecycle.

    Differences between renjs and @renproject/rentx

    renjs @renproject/rentx
    serializable transactions
    finite, explicit states


    In order to make full use of this library, it is valuable to understand the concepts behind xstate

    At a high level, this package provides

    • mintMachine - a machine for instanciating a gateway addres and listening for deposits.
    • depositMachine - a machine for processing the lifecycle of a gateway deposit, all the way from where it has been detected on the source chain, until it has been confirmed at the destination chain.
    • burnMachine - a machine for processing burn and release transactions.

    As well as a standard serializable schema for persisting and restoring transactions, GatewaySession


    In order to mint or burn, all the developer needs to do is to import the appropriate machine for for the desired flow, provide the neccessary dependencies via the machine context, and run the machine via the appropriate interpreter for their application (eg @xstate/react for react appliactions).

    Each machine requires

    • tx - transaction parameters
    • sdk - the RenJS sdk instanciated for the appropriate network
    • providers - Blockchain wallet providers for signing and sending transactions for desired networks
    • fromChainMap - A mapping of source networks to builders for their @renproject/chains parameters
    • toChainMap - A mapping of destination networks to builders for their @renproject/chains parameters

    Bare xstate


    import { Machine, interpret } from "xstate";
    import { mintMachine, mintConfig } from "@renproject/rentx";
    import {
    } from "@renproject/chains";
    import RenJS from "@renproject/ren";
    const mintTransaction = {
        id: "a unique identifier",
        type: "mint",
        network: "testnet",
        sourceAsset: "btc",
        sourceNetwork: "bitcoin",
        destAddress: "address to mint to",
        destAsset: "renBTC",
        destNetwork: "ethereum",
        destConfsTarget: 6,
        targetAmount: 1,
        userAddress: "address that will sign the transaction",
        expiryTime: new Date().getTime() + 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24,
        transactions: {},
    // A mapping of how to construct parameters for host chains,
    // based on the destination network
    const toChainMap = {
        binanceSmartChain: (context) => {
            const { destAddress, destNetwork } = context.tx;
            const { providers } = context;
            return new BinanceSmartChain(providers[destNetwork]).Account({
                address: destAddress,
        ethereum: (context) => {
            const { destAddress, destNetwork } = context.tx;
            const { providers } = context;
            return Ethereum(providers[destNetwork]).Account({
                address: destAddress,
    // A mapping of how to construct parameters for source chains,
    // based on the source network
    const fromChainMap = {
        bitcoin: () => Bitcoin(),
        zcash: () => Zcash(),
        bitcoinCash: () => BitcoinCash(),
    const machine = mintMachine.withConfig(mintConfig).withContext({
        tx: mintTransaction,
        sdk: new RenJS("testnet"),
        providers: blockChainProviders,
    // Interpret the machine, and add a listener for whenever a transition occurs.
    // The machine will detect which state the transaction should be in,
    // and perform the neccessary next actions
    const service = interpret(machine).onTransition((state) => {
        if(state.value === 'requestingSignature') {
        // implement logic to determine whether deposit is valid and should be signed
        // then call 
    // Start the service


    npm i @renproject/rentx

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