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    Automate your outgoing webmentions is a platform agnostic service that will check a given URL for links to other sites, discover if they support webmentions, then send a webmention to the target.

    This repository also includes a stand alone command line tool that doesn't rely on at all and doesn't require a token - so you can run it locally with the knowledge that if your site outlives this one, the tool will still work.


    The tool uses nodejs and once nodejs is installed, you can install the tool using:

    $ npm install @remy/webmention

    This provides an executable under the command webmention (also available as wm). Default usage allows you to pass a filename (like a newly generated RSS feed) or a specific URL. It will default to the 10 most recent entries found (using item for RSS and h-entry for HTML).


    By default, the command will perform a dry-run/discovery only. To complete the notification of webmentions use the --send flag.

    The options available are:

    • --send (default: false) send the webmention to all valid endpoints
    • --limit n (default: 10) limit to n entries found
    • --debug (default: false) print internal debugging Using npx you can invoke the tool to read the latest entry in your RSS feed:
    $ npx webmention --limit 1 --send

    Alternatively, you can make the tool part of your build workflow and have it execute during a postbuild phase:

      "scripts": {
        "postbuild": "webmention dist/feed.xml --limit 1 --send"



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