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    @remix-project/remixd is an NPM module that intends to be used with Remix IDE web and desktop applications. It establishes a two-way websocket connection between the local computer and Remix IDE for a particular project directory.

    remixd can be used to setup a development environment with other popular frameworks like Hardhat, Truffle, Slither etc.

    More details are explained in the documentation.


    npm install -g @remix-project/remixd

    NOTE: When the remixd NPM module is installed, it also installs Slither, solc-select and sets solc to latest version i.e. 0.8.15 currently.

    ALSO NOTE: Python3.6+ (pip3) needs to already be installed on the System. In case of any discrepany, Slither can also installed along with other dependencies using command:

    > remixd -i slither

    (This packaging of Slither with the remixd module is supported since Remixd v0.6.3)

    Warning for quite old users

    There is a new version of remixd with a new npm address: If you were using the old one you need to:

    1. uninstall the old one: npm uninstall -g remixd
    2. install the new: npm install -g @remix-project/remixd

    remixd command

    The remixd command without options shares present working directory and the shared Remix domain will be,, or

    The remixd command is:

    > remixd

    If you are using Remix from localhost or you are not running the command from your working directory, you’ll need to use the command with flags.

    > remixd -h
    Usage: remixd [options]
    Establish a two-way websocket connection between the local computer and Remix IDE for a folder
      -v, --version               output the version number
      -u, --remix-ide  <url>      URL of remix instance allowed to connect
      -s, --shared-folder <path>  Folder to share with Remix IDE (Default: CWD)
      -i, --install <name>        Module name to install locally (Supported: ["slither"])
      -r, --read-only             Treat shared folder as read-only (experimental)
      -h, --help                  output usage information
        remixd -s ./shared_project -u http://localhost:8080

    Share a project directory

    remixd -s ./shared_project -u

    The current user should have read/write access to the folder (at least read access).

    It is important to notice that changes made to the current file in Remix IDE are automatically saved to the local computer every 5000 ms. There is no Save action. But the Ctrl-Z (undo) can be used.


    • No copy of the shared folder are kept in the browser storage.
    • Clicking on the new folder or new file icon under localhost will create a new file or folder in the shared folder.
    • If a folder does not contain any file, the folder will not be displayed in the explorer (that might change).
    • Symbolic links are not forwarded to Remix IDE.

    Ports Usage

    remixd creates a websocket connections with Remix IDE on different ports. Ports are defined according to specific purpose. Port usage details are as:

    • 65520 : For remixd websocket listener, to share a project from local device with Remix IDE. Shared folder will be loaded in the Remix IDE File Explorer workspace named localhost See more
    • 65522 : For Hardhat websocket listener, to enable the Hardhat Compilation using Remix IDE Solidity Compiler plugin, if shared folder is a Hardhat project See more
    • 65523 : For Slither websocket listener, to enable the Slither Analysis using Remix IDE Solidity Static Analysis plugin See more
    • 65524 : For Truffle websocket listener, to enable the Truffle Compilation using Remix IDE Solidity Compiler plugin, if shared folder is a Truffle project See more

    Note: Please make sure your system is secured enough and these ports are not opened nor forwarded.


    npm i @remix-project/remixd

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