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ui-rs-hero is a component for creating a customizable Hero unit for your application. It is provided as a custom element for easy integration into your projects.

If your browser does NOT support custom elements natively (see caniuse) you have to install the web components shim and include it in your project before including this component!

The component is part of the RedsiftUI library. For a documentation of the hero unit see the official RedsiftUI documentation.


Circle CI

A UMD build is available from //static.redsift.io/reusable/ui-rs-hero/latest/ui-rs-hero.umd-es2015.min.js.

To build locally checkout this repository and

> cd ui-rs-hero
> npm install
> npm run build

This will create a ./dist folder with the Javascript and CSS files.

Browser Usage

First include the CSS file in the <head> of your page:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//static.redsift.io/reusable/ui-rs-hero/latest/css/ui-rs-hero.min.css">
<!-- (optional) include RedsiftUI theme -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//static.redsift.io/reusable/ui-rs-core/latest/css/ui-rs-core.min.css">

Note that the ui-rs-core theme is also included. This is only to use the typical Redsift style and purely optional. ui-rs-hero does not depend on ui-rs-core.

Additionally include the Javascript on the bottom of the <body>:

<script src="//static.redsift.io/reusable/ui-rs-hero/latest/js/ui-rs-hero.umd-es2015.min.js"></script>

Including the Javascript already registers the custom element rs-hero with the browser.

Use the following HTML code to create a rs-hero element:

<rs-hero header="My Header" bg-class="-bg-hero -effect-darken" scroll-target="#scroll-anchor" sticky-header=".content">
    <h1>I'm a Hero!</h1>

-bg-hero is a user provided class which defines the background of the hero unit and is optional. If you do not provide a background class a simple grey background is displayed. More detailed information is available in the official RedsiftUI documentation. An example CSS background is here:

.-bg-hero {
  background-image: url('//static.redsift.io/assets/images/taxi-1.jpg');

rs-hero Configuration Attributes

  • header: (optional) A text appearing in the header of the hero component

  • bg-class: (optional) One or multiple comma separated CSS classes applied to the component (due to technical reasons it is not possible to apply classes directly via the class attribute). -bg-taxi is defining a background image (see below for the CSS code), -effect-darken is an effect class to improve the contrast between the background image and the displayed text in the hero. The effect class is provided by RedsiftUI, its counterpart -effect-lighten is also available.

  • scroll-target: (optional) If specified an arrow is displayed within the hero which scrolls to the given element on the page. Depending on the height of the whole page a click on the arrow might not cause any action, i.e. if the page is not overflowing.

  • sticky-header: (optional) If specified the header part of the hero unit will act as a sticky header. When the element specified in the attribute is scrolling out on the top of the page the class hero-sticky-header--active is added to the header div, allowing you to style the header when it is showing on its own withouth the hero unit.

The content put within the rs-hero element will be displayed vertically and horizontally centered within the hero.

All attributes can be set and changed with ordinary Javascript, e.g.:

var $hero = document.querySelector('rs-hero');

setTimeout(function() {
  $hero.setAttribute('Not Sticky Anymore');
}, 3000);


If your browser does not support custom elements (and only then!) make sure to wrap the Javascript logic into the following code:

window.addEventListener('WebComponentsReady', function(e) {
  // setup code ...

Development Setup

For development run

> npm run serve

within the repository folder. It will start a web server serving the content of ./samples and supports live-reloading when a source file is changed.

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