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    Redocly CLI toolset

    Redocly CLI toolbox with rich validation and bundling features.

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    OpenAPI 3 CLI toolset


    Currently, @redocly/cli supports these features:

    • [x] Multifile validation. No need to bundle your file before validation.
    • [x] Lightning-fast validation. Lint a 1 Mb file in less than one second.
    • [x] Built-in rules for common validations.
    • [x] Configurable severity levels for each rule.
    • [x] Human-readable error messages with codeframes and stylish format options.
    • [x] Intuitive suggestions for misspelled types or references.
    • [x] Easy to implement custom rules.
    • [x] Bundle a multifile definition into a single file.
    • [x] Decorators to modify a validated definition during bundling.
    • [x] Preview reference docs for local development.
    • [x] Support for OpenAPI 2 (fka Swagger) and OpenAPI 3.0.
    • [ ] Support for OpenAPI 3.1 (coming soon).

    What makes this tool different

    Unlike other OpenAPI linters, @redocly/cli defines the possible type tree of a valid OpenAPI definition and then traverses it. This approach is very similar to how linters for programming languages work and results in major performance benefits over other approaches. Extend functionality at different points in the lifecycle with preprocessors, rules, and decorators.


    npx @redocly/cli lint path-to-root-file.yaml

    Read the docs


    Thanks to graphql-js and eslint for inspiration of the definition traversal approach and to Swagger, Spectral, and OAS-Kit for inspiring the ruleset.


    npm i @redocly/cli

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