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Strongback is an implementation of the Red Arrow Labs pattern library.

The goal: an opinionated, "Don't Make Me Think", batteries-included front-end toolkit focused on Developer Experience.

The use case: enterprise applications, built by teams of developers who have varying amounts of front-end experience.



npm install --save @redarrowlabs/strongback-react


import { Button } from '@redarrowlabs/strongback-react';

TypeScript declarations are included, so intellisense should work out of the box.


Clone the repo and run the storybook, or browse the sources at /src/[package]/[package].story.tsx


  • npm run storybook Launches a storybook server on localhost:9001


  1. Create or discuss an issue
  2. Develop on your feature branch.
  3. Pull and merge.
  4. npm run check to make sure everything's building.
  5. Send a PR!
  6. npm version [patch | minor | major] to bump and tag.
  7. npm publish (Must be logged in as RAL)