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Typed mxGraph

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mxGraph Typescript Declarations For Official mxGraph NPM Package.


  1. Add mxgraph and @typed-mxgraph/typed-mxgraph dependencies to your project:


     npm install --save mxgraph
     npm install --save-dev @typed-mxgraph/typed-mxgraph


    yarn add mxgraph
    yarn add --dev @typed-mxgraph/typed-mxgraph
  2. Update tsconfig.json append node_modules/@typed-mxgraph to typeRoots:

      "compilerOptions": {
        "target": "es5",
        "module": "commonjs",
        "esModuleInterop": true,
        "typeRoots": [
  3. Import mxGraph factory:

    import factory from '@realrisman/mxgraph';
    const mx = factory({
      mxBasePath: '',
  4. (optional) Create a helper to import mxgraph

    // src/mxgraph.ts
    import factory from '@realrisman/mxgraph';
    (window as any)['mxBasePath'] = 'assets/mxgraph';
    export default factory({
      // not working see https://github.com/jgraph/mxgraph/issues/479
      mxBasePath: 'assets/mxgraph',
    // src/application.ts
    import mx from './mxgraph';                       // <- import values from factory()
    import { mxGraph, mxGraphModel } from '@realrisman/mxgraph';  // <- import types only
    export class Application {
      constructor(container: HTMLElement) {
        if(mx.mxClient.isBrowserSupported()) {
          console.log('Yes! Yes!');
        const graph: mxGraph = new mx.mxGraph(container);
        const model: mxGraphModel = graph.getModel();
        try {
          graph.insertVertex(graph.getDefaultParent(), '', 'TEST', 0, 0, 100, 100);
        } finally {



Types have been initially created from mxGraph 4.1.0 by hand (1st hosting repository was mxgraph-type-definitions) and progressively updated when new mxgraph versions have been released.

The mxgraph lib is almost fully covered by types in this project. The issues you may encounter are

  • API changes in recent mxgraph have not been reported. We haven't decided how we will manage this in the future, so for now, they are updated when user detect issues
  • Function arguments types or 'mandatoriness' may not be accurate: even by reading the JS code, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is the correct type.
  • Historically, we try to avoid any and use optional when we don't know.
  • We expect user to provide feedbacks by creating GitHub issues and/or Pull Requests when they notice issue with the types.

Implementation Progress

The definitions target mxGraph 4.2.2. See the implementation status in the following table.

  • progress: initial support
    • not yet: no support at all
    • partial: implementation started, but some classes/fields/methods are missing
    • completed: all classes/fields/methods should exist (fill an issue and/or provide a Pull Request if you detect an issue) but
      • TSDoc is not fully accurate
      • some type declaration may be wrong
  • checked: a finest review has been conducted about TSDoc, mxGraph types used by functions/methods, fields, ...
Module Progress Checked
editor partial no
handler completed no
io completed no
layout completed no
model completed no
shape completed no
util partial no
view partial no
mxClient.d.ts completed no


Also See

We are actively developing, if you want to be a contributor, please refer to the following links



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