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Twitter bot

This script will tweet out new reality.eth questions and answers.

It does this by querying the graph endpoints specified in @reality.eth/contracts.

Setting it up

Make a file called secrets/config.json with the settings from dev.twitter.com

{ "consumer_key": "...", "consumer_secret": "...", "access_token": "...", "access_token_secret": "..." }

You should also make a directory called state which will store the files tracking how much has been tweeted out so far.

Install dependencies either from packages/twitter-bot with npm install or from the top level of the repo with lerna bootstrap.


cd packages/twitter-bot

The script is run with

node index.js 1,100

...where 1 and 100 are the chains you wish to tweet about. You can add the chain ID of any other chain with a graph endpoint set in @reality.eth/contracts.

The first time a new chain is initialized it should be run with the init flag.

node index.js 1,100 init

This will create a state file for the chain at the current timestamp. You can edit this manually if you want to tweet some of the existing entries.

Running automatically

Make a cron, eg to run every second we use:

* * * * * cd /home/ed/monorepo-twitter/packages/twitter-bot && node index.js 1,100

Lock files

The script uses lock files under state to ensure only one process is trying to tweet about a given chain at a time. If something breaks and the lock file isn't deleted, you may need to delete this file manually.

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